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Jul 24, 2014 02:12 PM

Off The Grid -- El Cerrito

I've been underwhelmed, but maybe I'm choosing the wrong stuff.

Smokey's Old School BBQ is a joke. The pulled pork is overcooked and flavorless with an absurd amount of store-bought-quality sauce globbed on.

An the Go was much better. The Five-Spice Pork Skewer was good, but the garlic noodles were really limp. To be fair, I did get my order around 9 o'clock.

is there a gem I'm walking right by? Do the better trucks go to other sites?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I think it may have just been an unlucky pick. They alternate two different lineups. My favorite of the two is the one next week. I like:
    Liba Falafel has delicious falafel, soups and salads, and their fixin's bar is fun.
    Seoul on Wheels has really good kimchi burritos with spicy pork
    Ebbet's Good to Go has very nice grilled cheese sandwiches
    Bacon Bacon's "Belly" sandwich is pretty tasty if you like good breakfast sandwiches. I like their chili too (comes with goldfish crackers).
    Chairman Bao's sandwiches are very good but a bit small for the price
    HapaSF's lumpia are good, and I thought their pancit was decent, if a little too salty
    CupKate's (not Kara's Cupcakes) cupcakes are fantastic. Frostings aren't hideously sweet and the cakes are tender and flavorful. If you like apricot, the July seasonal apricot-almond cupcake is really good.

    I don't often visit during the line up you were at, but Go Streatery often has tasty things. I love their oxtail and grits, it's rich and delicious. A little pricey but their flavor balances are nice. I haven't had Smokey's BBQ but I was pretty underwhelmed by An the Go. I found the meats were oversalted and overcooked. I don't think you eating there at 9pm was the problem- I was there at 7pm and the famed garlic noodles tasted like doughy undercooked chow mein noodles dripping with garlic oil. It was kinda gross. I have friends who adore them though, so it may just depend on the cook manning the noodle station that day.

    Hope you find something you like better!

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      FYI: LIba Falafel has just opened a small brick & mortar on 17th St. in Oakland:

    2. I think that the trucks are there on a biweekly schedule ... they definitely are for Oakland.

      In any case, I see that the 7/30 OTG in El Cerrito will have Sanguchon, which is a really good truck. Order their Pan con Chicharron!! They put on pickled onions to cut the fat. My boyfriend and I were practically fighting over the last bite (next time, no sharing).