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Jul 24, 2014 01:47 PM

One Dinner Carcassonne.

I will be in Carcassonne for the missus' b;day at the beginning of September and need a dinner rec. I've had a good root round but can't find anything that really fit's the bill. Won't have a car so need something fairly central (15-20 min cab from the centre ride would be ok) Somewhere quite low key and relaxed that is strong on fish and seafood. Would like to get out for under 150 euros for 2 people :3 courses plus cheese and a bottle of wine.

Ta very much.

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  1. It's a bit tricky as most visitors are on a Cassoulet pilgrimage (even in summer) so there is little info.

    I note Michelin has five 1 stars and a 2 star in a radius of 14km of the town with some close. However, Le Fooding has no recommendations so tricky to triangulate.

    If I was heading back there I would read the Michelin reviews as I find they are a good signpost for rural France. When we were the we stayed outside and ate at a few local wineries (we had a car) and just visited the city to do the tourist things - and there are lots and lots of tourists visiting (I hear that like us most for just the day so evenings are OK).

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      Thanks Phil.Much as I love cassoulet I think it will be too hot at that time for cassoulet and the Mrs isn't keen. Anyway she's had a change of heart. Original plan was three nights Tulouse and three in Cracassonne. It's now Tulouse (2), Carcassonne (2) and Barcelona (2). Actual birthday will be in Barcelona so I don't think I'll have much trouble finding somewhere good to eat.