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Jul 24, 2014 01:37 PM

Taylor Shellfish at Pioneer Square

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar on Pioneer Square just opened for lunch! I stopped by for a plate of mixed oysters, and they were absolutely top notch (no surprise from the folks at Taylor). Their menu looks to be identical to their Queen Anne location.

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  1. We tried to go for lunch yesterday, and were greeted with a sign that said "we're all shucked out!". Their inaugural HH on Tuesday must have been much busier than anticipated. So we ended up at London Plane, where I convinced myself that I need to stop trying Matt Dillon's places. I just don't like his food. At all. Though I love that he's opening popular spots in Pioneer Square--every little bit helps that area.

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      Bartender said today was their first official "open for lunch" day, and that they'd been serving dinner & happy hour since Monday. Their happy hour looks pretty spectacular.

      I'm there with you on London Plane: Some good pastry and bread, but the rest of their food is just ok. All of it is spendy, I have enjoyed Corson Building the couple of times I've been there.

    2. I had a pretty good meal at the Lower Queen Anne location a few weeks after it opened. The variety of oysters is quite nice and the prawn cocktail is pretty impressive - nice big prawns with cocktail sauce on the side rather than a bowl of tiny shrimp buried in sauce.

      At $20+/pp without booze, though, my coworkers and I decided not to add it to our regular lunch rotation. So far I have not made it to happy hour.

      1. I went today for lunch and for the price, I wasn't actually blown away. The mussels were good but I didn't love the baked (miso/mushroom) or fried oysters, but that may be partially my fault as I often don't love cooked oyster preparations (I was with coworkers and we shared). One of the things I don't love about the menu is that everything is fairly small--all of the cooked oysters come with 4 or 5. It felt more like small plates rather than something that is an actual meal, and generally for a work lunch I want a meal. They are going to start making po'boys next week, which will be good, as the whole sandwich should make a real lunch. I'll have to come back for HH, too, and just get raw oysters.