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Jul 24, 2014 01:36 PM

SGV runaround

thanks for the recs earlier CHers! i turned the wrong way onto New Ave, ended up in Monterey big deal, i thought...China Islamin: door open, open sign in window but Mama was countin money and said "come back 5pm." went Beijing Pie House: open sign in window, door open. I went in and to my right, 2 guys had pulled chairs up so they could stretch out. both sound asleep. other end of restaurant: 2 women, same position, out cold...i shouldve heated up some oil and made something myself..same mini mall: i thought id read good things about Kam Hong but they were closed till 5pm...drove around a bit, saw Mama Lu's Dumplings open...had a tasty scallion pancake(light, flaky crust, not greasy but not much scallion...order of fennel, pork dumplings were good...went on my way to Claremont still a bit hungry but at least the jazz was good! i wont go to SGV between 2pm and 5pm again...funny!

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  1. funny!
    well, not really, especially because... PARAGRAPH break.

    Nha Trang, Mien Nghia, BMCC, Dean Sin World all open between lunch and dinner. Ditto to Fortune No. 1, Shen Yang, any dimsum house along Garvey, any pho/Chiu Chow noodle place.

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    1. re: TonyC

      I recall reading your downhill alert regarding Dean Sin World. Do you still recommend their XLB? Especially the frozen ones.

      1. re: jblee

        frozen XLB there is fine. it's no longer fabulous by any means.

        either way, it looks like LAPM was pretty desperate, DSW would've more than sufficed, ditto to PP Pop down the block.

        what i was trying to say is there are plenty of things open in the neighborhood (thanks to the Asian work ethnic and the lack of standard labor practices?) and s/he just had shitty luck.

        1. re: TonyC

          yeah, i was desperate...definitely didnt want pho, not that familiar with SGV as i almost always go to Sea Harbour and didnt have a lot of time before i had to head to Claremont...the pancake and dumplings held me over...i will have to start carrying my list of highly rated SGV spots with me always just in case im over there! thanks again for recs!

        2. re: jblee

          i think dean sin world is still pretty damn good

        3. re: TonyC

          except LPM got off at new instead of garfield

        4. I usually have my best luck between lunch and dinner. Even though I've often walked in on staff meals or dinner preps, I've always been served. Beijing Pie House is supposed to be closed 3-5, so I guess they forgot the sign or zzzzed out early.

          1. It's much worse in NorCal. Remember being in Milpitas Square (their version of Focus Plaza) last year at 2:30pm and none of the Chinese restaurants were open. Same deal another time in Cupertino at 4 pm.