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Seafood in Manhattan?

It's been awhile since I've sought out seafood specifically in New York, but have a birthday request from my wife for just that. Would love to hear recos from the board, especially anywhere new. Doesn't have to be Le Bernardin or Marea caliber, just good and fun. Thanks!

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  1. Dined at Barchetta last night and loved it. GREAT crudo tasting, two different whole fish options (for one or two people) and a few other fish entrees. Seafood pastas and appetizers.

    Varied, high quality wine by the glass program, and dessert wines. Speaking of dessert, talented pastry chef.

    Loved it. BUT, insanely loud room.

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      I live near Barchetta and have really enjoyed my 3 meals there. It's open late and I realized how hard it is to get really great seafood pasta dishes here outside of Esca. I also love their crudo but like you said, it's not quiet. Might the bar be a bit better?

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        I used to recommend Aquagrill quite regularly but recently had a horrible experience there with service (inattentive and dismissive) and food (signature oysters were sloppily prepared).

        I hope it was a one-off, but I don't think I'm going back there any time soon.

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          Aquagrill doesn't feel quite "wife birthday" appropriate to me.... Somehow not special enough....
          Was your poor meal at the one in soho or ues?

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            Soho, I think you're thinking of Atlantic Grill (UES), there's only one Aquagrill.

            Aquagrill was my favorite place to get oysters but every time I go, it seems to get worse and worse.

        1. Had a nice Oceana pre theater dinner several weeks ago. Also enjoyed ZZ's Clam Bar last month.

          1. Maybe La Pulperia?

            Not new, but sort of fun.

            1. I really like Oceana. In addition to great fish, especially the composed dishes as opposed to the standard choices of fish with your choice of sauces, the desserts are exceptional.

              1. Neighborhood?

                Greek restaurants. . . We like Periyali. Probably won't meet your "especially anywhere new" or "fun" requirements.

                We rarely go to Pylos (EV) anymore, challenging to get a reservation.

                Both Periyali and Aquagrill have more upscale dining rooms.

                1. This is very helpful. Thanks a lot, everyone. Will report back on where we end up.

                  1. I had fantastic trout with ethereal crispy grits at Riverpark last week. The venue is lovely, especially at dusk.

                    1. What about Oriental Garden in Chinatown? The fresh seafood there is always excellent.

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                        Sorry but "wife birthday" may be a key phrase you missed from the OP..... And OG in c-town might not be what she had in mind....

                      2. Quick update - we ended up trying Upstate. Turned out to be a great pick. Perfect for a low key bday or date night. I always feel like oysters in Manhattan can be hit or miss, so I'm happy to report that Upstate really knocked it out of the park. Raw dishes were all fantastic. Thanks again for the reco.