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Jul 24, 2014 12:14 PM

Dining in Paris in Oct. with 22mo. baby

Hello all,

We are planning our first Paris trip with 4 adults and 22mo. old baby first week in October. We have 5 days, 4 nights in Paris staying in St. Germain (Bd Saint Germain/ Rue de Seine) . I know that our choice is very limited with a toddler. We are looking for easy going restaurant, loud would be good for us for lunch and possibly not too early dinner 7ish. Some nights we will probably do take out and some we will leave our toddler with grandma so mom and dad can have their date night dinner. I've been reading a lot of posts and overwhelm by the options. I have no idea if they are kid friendly and whether we should go there for lunch or dinner and whether reservation is needed?....any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated! (our toddler is pretty good at sitting at dinner table as long as we have ipad for him to watch) Thank you.

Ze Kitchen Galerie
Les Enfants Rouges
La Bastide Odeon
Le Comptoir du Relais
La Rôtisserie
Machon d'Henri Le
La Bastide d Opio
Chez Denise
L'Epi Dupin
L'Avant Comptoir
Les Cocotte
Relais de I'Entrecote
Bastide d'Opio
Café Suédois
Au Vieux Chêne
Le Petit Troquet

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  1. I think Paris is pretty much like any city where you take a toddler to dinner. My sons probably would not have lasted for a 2 hour leisurely meal, but maybe the ipad helps these days! We ate at Les Enfants Rouge this May and really enjoyed it, but it is a small room and we were there for probably 90-120 minutes. Cafe Suedois would be a good spot for lunch since it is very casual and has seating outside. Chez Denise might be a good spot-more casual and noisier that some of the other picks. Have read good things about Pirouette, it's on my list for 2015.

    1. I think, as I, and many others have said on other threads, that hosting kids, including toddlers is partly dependent on the place (Pirouette's huge terrace, for instance, is ideal for everything from running to skate-boarding), it's also parents or in my case grand-parents' ingenuity in bringing stuff to keep kids occupied.
      Of the places you've listed (all of which I know except for Le Machon d'Henri and La Bastide d Opio), some are clearly inappropriate - I love Ze and Lazare and Enfants Rouges - but they are not for kids and the only ones that have space to explore are Pirouette and the Café Suédois. May I suggest instead La Cigale Recamier on a cul-de-sac alley with a park at the end or places in the Buttes Chaumont (Rosa Bonheur or Le Pavillon du Lac) or Bois de Boulogne (La Grande Verriere) or places with adequate terraces like Mediterranee near you or Nuba or Wanderlust at Les Docks aka Cité de la Mode et du Design on the quai d'Austerlitz or Les Nautes on the Right Bank.
      You might get other ideas on terraces from the last issue of Figaroscope which had an article on new ones and last year on the best 50 -