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this is a good idea?

I have an idea for westernized soup dumpling... a cheese dumpling filled with tomato soup. Could I do this? is it a good idea? How would you go about doing it?

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  1. My first mental image is tomato soup all over a white shirt. No.

    1. So it would be a dumpling filled with cheese and tomato soup?

      1. Just start with a cheese ravioli recipe, and mix some gelatin with tomato sauce into your cheese mixture before enclosing it all in dough, and there you go.

        1. Not sure. But stanton social used to do a french onion soup dumpling. It was ok, but I'll take the real thing any day of the week.

          1. You never really know if it is a good idea until you give it a shot. It's a classic comfort food pairing so why not try. You may have to experiment with it for a while in different forms but that will part of the fun if you're into it. Shanghai is known for their soup dumplings so why not . . . .

            I wouldn't be stuck on it having to be a cheese dumpling filled with tomato soup. Maybe in the end you'll decide it needs to be a dumpling dough made with pureed sun dried tomatoes and filled with cheese . . . . or regular dough filled with a tomato cheese mixture . . . . . play with the combinations to see what works best.

            Like mentioned earlier, don't be afraid to play around with thickening up the tomato soup aspect too - gelatin/agar/etc/etc.

            Sounds like a fun project!

              1. The Shanghainese soup dumpling is accomplished by gelatinizing the soup and encasing a block of the "jello" in the dumpling dough. You could do the same with tomato soup, but somehow it doesn't sound quite as appetizing as the crab dumplings...

                1. The combination definitely works in my head (and others too apparently!).

                  Love tomato / cheese combo. Tomato soup with crispy grilled cheese croutons is delicious so I can only imagine this would be good. Report back please!

                  1. Reminds of a dish I used to make when I was a Girl Scout! Bisquick wrapped around a cube of Velveeta and cooked in the tomato soup. It was delicious. Not that I would eat that now. ;-)

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                      Bit off topic, but it's pretty amazing the things they made us eat (and drink) in girl guides (I am sure we all have great delicious memories though!)

                      I remember on cold evening, we would guzzle down "hot" jello (hot water mixed with the packet) ugh!

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                        This is what my mom gave me when I had a cold/fever. Yum! Hot jello juice!

                    2. Maybe something like the recipe in the link but with some tomato paste mixed in. I would omit the mint.


                      1. The traditional soup dumplings are made by mixing a stiff gelatin broth in with the meat, so the gelatin melts when it steams.

                        You could make the tomato soup with gelatin added, but I don't think it would mix well with the cheese. For one thing, cheese melts when it's heated, so you'd get melty cheese mixed with tomato soup for a sort of curdled mixture, which is probably not what you're looking for.

                        If I were going for a tomato and cheese dumpling flavour, I think I'd go for a cheese ravioli filling, with finely chopped sun dried tomatoes mixed in.

                        You might be able incorporate both cheese and tomato by using the meat as a base - tweak the recipe by adding a small amount of a very strong cheese, finely grated, in with the meat, and then use a thin, gelatin rich tomato broth (not the creamy tomato soup style) instead of plain meat stock.

                        1. Not so hard. Make the cavatelli dough from here:


                          Fill with a dollop of reduced tomato sauce.

                          BTW, the whole recipe from the link is really good. I've made it several times.