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Jul 24, 2014 11:23 AM

Lebanon bologna?

does anyone know of a deli/butcher in these parts where i might be able to find some? i go to Muncan regularly and have never seen it -- or an eastern european facsimile -- available. ditto some of the bigger greenpoint markets. thanks for any tips....

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  1. since this is an exclusively pennsylvania dutch product, you are not likely to find it at the brooklyn ethnic butchers. Ive never seen it in NYC but it ought to be possible to order it or to get a butcher to order it..Maybe if there are any Amish Markets ractually un by Amish people in the city they would offer or could obtain.

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      the best i've done locally is Millport Farm, which operates at a couple of farmer's markets. not my local, and not at the one near my office's new location in tribeca -- they roll into the rockefeller center one the one month a year that operates. if i can hold out a few more weeks, i'll stock up!

      1. re: debinqueens

        Great stuff.

        My next trip to Palmyra, PA I'm going to stock up. There's a gigantic thrift shop just off Main Street with a Lebanon Bologna factory store attached...Heaven on earth!

    2. I do know that you can buy it directly from the Seltzer's Company on line.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Call Weaver's in Lebanon, Pa. they are pretty much the only manufacturer of this item. They will send it mail order. Or call them and ask where in NYC you can buy it.