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Jul 24, 2014 10:51 AM

Cocktails before Richmond Station this Saturday night.

Hey everyone,

Back in Toronto for a quick trip this weekend and have reservations at Richmond Station 9:30 on Saturday. Any recommendations for a good place to grab a few cocktails before? Something walking distance or a quick cab ride would be preferable.

Walking distance for me btw is anything under a 30min leisurely walk. Assuming the weather will cooperate.

I know Barchef is nearby but from my two visits I have pretty much written them off. Also I love Library bar which is also close, but wanted to try something a bit more upbeat.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Drake 150 is great. Loud but fantastic cocktails + good service.
    <5 min walk from Richmond Station.

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    1. re: happycamper

      Are there any cocktails you'd recommend in particular at Drake 150?

    2. I like the bar at Nota Bene for that kid of thing, haven't tried it but heard good things about the Carbon Bar as well

      1. Thank you both. I am going to run Drake 150 and Carbon Bar by my dining companions and decide between the two. I am leaning towards Carbon Bar, because I wouldnt mind grabbing a pre dinner snack and have been curious about the food there.

        Bytepusher, I do like Nota Bene as well, both for food and drink, but wanted to try something new.

        1. Trump hotel is close - they have a patio bar on 35th floor. The Chase upstairs has an outside bar on 5th floor. There is a hotel bar/piano bar at Pantages hotel. Hy's steakhouse bar at 120 Adelaide St west is walking distance.

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          1. re: mskatsam

            fyi, i think op has come and gone--his dinner was last saturday, iirc. maybe your tips will help the next patron at richmond station. fwiw, i thought richmond station did decent cocktails of their own. . .

            1. re: afong56

              Yes, that dinner was long gone but I just realized I never reported back, which I hate not doing. I unfortunately never got to have that pre dinner cocktail due to time restraints, but Richmond Station was a fantastic place for dinner. Even though I was kind of disappointed by my cocktail experience there. Food was delicious though and service professional as expected.

          2. Momofuku Nikai would be my preference.

            Also I find Drake 150's cocktail horrid. I've sent some back before. No creativity with the bartenders either, they're just staff who pour liquid into glasses.