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Jul 24, 2014 10:34 AM

Restaurants from Hyannis to Provincetown, plus Nantucket

We are going to Nantucket 9/2 to celebrate meeting there Labor Day weekend of 1958 at a bus stop. (No bikes available). We have not been back for 6 years so decided it was time to go again. We will be there for 3 nights. After that we will be in Provincetown for 2 nights, Chatham for 2 nights, and Sandwich for 1 night. We will be in HYannis for 1 night to catch the ferry. Although we are considered old by some people (we are only in our 80's); we are still young at heart and love good food. Recommendations ?We can actually eat after 4:00 so early birds not necessary

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  1. I hope my husband and I are still going to Nantucket when we are 80! I can speak to Nantucket but what kind of meal(s) are you looking for? Fancy, casual? The Galley will break the bank but has spectacular views of the beach, but I think Oran Mor's classic French and American Season's pork-centric offerings are better and a better deal (although both are still pricey). All 3 are very romantic. Let me know if you want more casual suggestions.

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      We are stayingnext door to American Seasons so I guess we'll have to eat there. I ate there last time we were in Nantucket and thought it good. Casual would be fine too.
      Is Queequegs still there? We enjoyed it 6 years ago ? Thanks

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        Queequegs is still there, and there is now a small outdoor bar called Treebar connecting Queequegs to it's neighbor/sister restaurant Town 9decent but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there if I'm only in town for 3 days). Over the past few years many Nantucket restaurants have transformed formerly unused outdoor space into nice patios so if you are looking to eat outdoors there are now many options. If you like Italian food, Ventuno (formerly 21 Federal) is very good and has one of the larger outdoor options, but it gets very crowded and noisy with drinkers after 8 or so so be warned. I can't believe I forgot to mention Company of the Cauldron - a tiny price and menu-fixed, 2 seating per night restaurant that's been there for many years. You can see the menu online ahead of time. I think it's one of the most romantic restaurants around, and right in town. The newish Proprieters (same owners as American Seasons plus a new chef) is fantastic. I love sitting at the bar for their amazing cocktails and maybe a small plate or 2. It's very pricey for what you get food-wise but a really nice space (where DeMarco used to be). For casual, the burgers, salad and chowder and lobster bisque at Brotherhood of Thieves is pretty good, and they have a nice beer list. Sit downstairs - it is cozier than upstairs. Finally, although I can't rave about the food, except their daily $1 oyster deals from 3-5, the Jetties is a casual, picnic bench type cafe right on the beach - Jetties Beach. Can't beat the view, except for The Galley, which is located at the beach next door. Also, I should mention, if you go to Oran Mor and want to sit outside, there is a 2-seat table on a private patio that overlooks the roof of the whaling museum and I believe the harbor beyond. I've heard it's spectacular but have never gotten a chance to sit there. Have fun - I'll actually be out there the weekend after you celebrating my 5 year anniversary!

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          Congratulations. We are celebrating the 57th year we met in Nantucket on a Labor Day weekend at a bus stop to Jetties Beach. There were no bikes available. We have eaten in the places you mentioned except for Oran Mar. I am certainly going to try now for the patio. Thanks for the info.

    2. Mac's Provincetown is the newest of this successful fish story. It's in the old Clem and Ursie's spot on Shank Painter Road and has parking. I think the oyster happy hour between 3 and 5 is not to be missed. We were in a food coma after a dozen huge Wellfleets for a dollar each. We ate at the bar and the staff was terrific.

      1. Your 'early bird' comment made me laugh!!!

        On Nantucket, I love Oran Mor - but it does require a steep flight of stairs, if that is a concern.

        I'd do a meal at Chatham Bars Inn and soak up the grande dame resort charm at any of their dining options, be it formal dining or a snack on the veranda.

        What fun you will have! How blessed you both are!

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          I still live in a 2-story house so I'm up and down and where there's good food involved I'm up.
          Last time we were inChatham we ate at 28 Atlantic and Impudent Oyster. Are they still excellent or should we choose Chatham Bars ?

          Thanks for suggestions.

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            With two nights in Chatham, you have many dining options. I'd look at CBInn's different dining options and choose one and tour the grounds for any meal of the day.

            Since you went to Impudent Oyster, you must like oyster! Funny story at Oran Mor. My companion and I ordered a half dozen oysters at the intimate bar. While deep in conversation they were presented and barely taking notice, I asked if we could have cocktail sauce. As the barmaid graciously headed to the kitchen with the request, upon further examination and realizing it was a very special preparation I literally jumped off the bar seat to stop her before she hit the kitchen and I insulted them. Those were some of the most inventive and delicious oysters of my life and completely off the rails of any oyster preparation I'd had before.

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              You have to pay attention to your food while eating. Actually, I doubt if I had oysters at impudent oyster. I like them; but they're not my favorite food. I am going to check out CBInn. Last time we were in Chatham we went to watch the fish being hauled in and it was right next to the hotel.
              Again thanks

            2. re: lenorel57

              Impudent Oyster is still very good and you don't have to like Oysters to appreciate it!!! My husband and I have dined there on many occasions and almost everything on the menu, with the exception of the Oysters :-), appeals to me. There Fishermen's Stew is delicious as are the mussels. I'd highly recommend it for lunch or dinner!

              Although it isn't in the cities where you are staying, the Ocean House in Dennis Port has excellent food and a wall of windows that looks out over Martha Vineyard's sound. It so close to the water, you don't even see the beach unless you are right by the window and looking down. Since you don't mind eating early, I'd recommend getting there at 4pm when the bar opens and dine at the bar with Jamie, the attentive and entertaining bar tender. The bar usually fills up by about 4:15. You can order appetizers starting a 4pm but the entrees aren't available until 5pm.

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                Thanks for the info. I was kidding about eating early. Usually 7:00 is the earliest we like to eat.The innkeepers at The Captain's House inn sent me a list of about 12 restaurants in and near Chatham. Impudent Oyster was first one listed

                1. re: lenorel57

                  Please report back on your dining experiences. My husband and I travel to the Cape frequently and are always looking for new options.

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                I would stick with 28 Atlantic and Impudent Oyster over CBI, they are both still excellent. Also in Chatham I can recommend Del Mar or (new) Bluefins Sushi & Sake bar. We are pleased to have a sushi restaurant here in Chatham. Have been once and were impressed.
                We were in Provincetown in June and had wonderful meals at Devon's, Jimmie's Hideaway and the Mews. Did not eat at Mac's, but were very impressed with the fish market and wouldn't hesitate to eat at the restaurant.

                1. re: Daveinchatm

                  Thanks for the input. I think I'll stick with your recommendations. I have access to many sushi restaurants near me so I'm not interested in that.
                  I hope to eat at Mac's the Sat. night we are in Provincetown (Sept. 6). One big plus is there is parking. I think the Mews will be our choice for Sun. We wanted to eat there the last time we were in Provincetown ,6 years ago, but we couldn't park. This time we'll take a cab if it's too far to walk.