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Jul 24, 2014 09:05 AM

New chef at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

Anyone knows who will it be? Santaigne will stay at Le Meurice and Ducasse will have both, the Plaza and the Le Meurice.

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  1. What I heard was Santaigne would go back to Plaza after the renovation, so the question would be what Ducasse boy will run Meurice then.

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      Soup, good to have you back regularly baby; gotta get together.

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          I installed Internet in my country house -- cost an arm and a leg and installing an ugly satellite dish on my wall, but I'm connected.

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          Earlier I was chating with someone from the le meurice who told me after I asked that santaigne will remain where he is now at le meurice although ducasse will run both restaurants

        3. I had a chance to contact with Monsieur Denis Courtiade last month
          Alain Ducasse will oversee both Le Meurice and Plaza Athenee, particularly the latter one as he's the Executive chef there
          ADPA should still be his flagship restaurant in Paris or at least what they're trying to do
          The already luxurious dining room will have some modification too, but I don't know what kind

          Chef Romain Meder (previously working in Qatar) will lead the Plaza Athenee fine dining restaurant
          So, Christophe Santaigne should stay put at Le Meurice
          The new ADPA maybe focusing more on fishes and vegetables
          I'm not sure whether the restaurant will open in August 1st as the hotel back in operation - an exciting battle at Paris high end hotel since Peninsula finally is welcoming its first guests on Aug 1 as well

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            I was told that ADPA will open at the end of August ..
            I do too wait and see the restaurant inside the peninsula . In their website they mention the names is the restaurants as also the Chef .