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Jul 24, 2014 08:59 AM

Looking for good eats near Scottsdale's Hotel Valley Ho in September

My employer is holding the annual company-wide retreat in Scottsdale. I need recommendations -- breakfast, lunch, dinner -- within walking distance of the hotel. Prefer non-fine-dining, more "Roadfood" (to borrow another site's buzzword) type of place. Already have had a few recommendations -- The Sugar Bowl, Barrio Queen, Grimaldi's, Cien Agaves. Thanks for any help.

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  1. My first thought is that it is the wrong neighborhood for the food you seek. But, I have to admit that I am becoming ignorant of the subject. Take a look at for what many Chowhounds of the past are currently saying. It also has a helpful map that links to discussions. The map seems positioned right on that area, if you just zoom in.

    1. Jon's kind of right. There are some good places to eat in the vicinity, but few of them are what I think of as being both road food and within easy walking distance. Below is a list of some of my nearby favorites. I've put stars on the most road food-ish options.

      Lunch and/or Dinner:
      *Cornish Pasty Company (~5 away minutes on foot)
      *Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles (~30 minutes on foot, 15 minutes by bus, 5 minutes by car)
      FnB (10 minutes on foot)

      The Orange Table (15-20 minutes away on foot)
      Cartel Coffee Lab (coffee and pastries only, 10 minutes on foot)

      There are other places pretty close that fall well outside of the road food definition, but I'll leave those out of the discussion for now.

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        Er...John, I mean. Had a tastyjon flashback, I guess. ;-)

      2. Grazie is very close. I have preferred it over Grimaldi's, but, I guess it depends on what style of pizza you like.

        1. Hey jmckee,

          You need to check out Malee's Thai and/or Rehab Burger both located in Old Town Scottsdale. They're fairly close to the Valley how and both delicious restaurants to eat at!

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            I wondered about Rehab Burger. I'm pretty good at interpreting online reviews, but the Yelp, etc., listings for this kind of blocked my radar. Thanks! It's on the list now.

          2. Shocks me that nobody mentioned House Brasserie - easy walking distance next to Grazie. Grazie is great and worth going for if in the mood for pizza. I'm still a huge fan of Citizen Public House and The Mission, both really short uber.