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Cook-Out restaurant?

This is a smallish southeastern chain - we have one opening soon close to my office. Does anyone have experience with them?

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  1. We ate at one in Maryville, TN. Pretty good I guess. Mostly a fast food restaurant. Burgers were fine. I don't think it's anything special.

    They did have Bible verses on all the cups and napkins etc.

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      They're opening on Harrodsburg Road right by Virginia Ave./Red Mile. It's close to work, so I'll probably check it out. I can drink out of a bible-y cup I guess.

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        So does (or did) In-N-Out Burger. I guess you could say you leave "holy" satisfied.

      2. You have to do one thing for me: go there and get a peanut butter fudge milkshake.

        It will change your life.

        1. When working in NC a few years back, I patronized the locations in High Point (a few times) and Wilson (more or less weekly). Pretty good hot dogs, and I liked being able to get a mocha shake. I also liked the fact that they were open late.

          I couldn't tell you much about the interiors, since I used the drive-thru and brought the food back to the office or hotel. Service seemed friendly.

          1. I was in Richmond, KY earlier today when I saw a Cook-Out. I thought of this thread and because it was after lunchtime I stopped in.

            I had:
            A double burger with grilled onions, bacon and cheese.
            Cole slaw
            Unsweetened iced tea

            I wasn't going to get cole slaw but the lady who took my order said it would be cheaper if I got another side. OK

            Burger, really good. Too hot to pick up and eat it. I had to let it cool off a little. Cheese was super melty, bacon was crisp and still hot from the grill.

            Fries, generous amount. Thick with skin on. Fresh and almost too hot to eat.

            Cole slaw. Eh, superfine chopped cabbage and mayo.

            I was there about 1:30. Place was packed but they moved everyone through quckly.

            I have to take back my previous comments. It's excellent for side of the interstate fast food.

            1. They have very good burgers and great milkshakes...40 different flavors.

              1. I like their burgers, especially because you can get a chili cheeseburger and they are the skinny flat fast food burger that I like for chili cheeseburgers.

                Their milkshakes are outstanding. And their hushpuppies are good too. They are inexpensive and a solid fast food choice IMO.

                1. to me their food is ehhh but the shakes are amazing! i get a cajun chicken box w/ a shake & often think of it as a really expensive shake w/ free food LOL! you can mk up your own shake combos - my fav is pineapple cheesecake, soooo good!

                  1. Really poor quality junk food. Having said that, my college aged kids eat there a lot. They get really excited by the 'sides' you can order, like a corn dog or chicken nuggets instead of the usual fries.

                    1. Boy, do I know cookout. We have one near our not-so-great movie theater. They make a good burger, like the kind you'd expect at a ... well, cookout. I personally think my dad could do better at a family cookout, and I've never had the milkshakes, but it's definitely an occasional treat.

                      1. I LOVE Cook-Out. My wife went to college in NC and we go to Cook-Out whenever we go down south to visit. Barbecue sandwich is decent for not being a BBQ restaurant. Burgers are decent and taste fresh, chicken sandwiches are good. Hush puppies are a favorite. The real kicker, though, is Cheerwine in the soda fountain.

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                          At most restaurants I have been to in my part of NC, Cheerwine can be dispensed at your pleasure from the soda fountains- not just Cook-Out. I have some in the fridge as we speak- with real cane sugar. :)

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                            Unfortunately, I live in PA, and the only Cheerwine is glass bottle 4-packs at Cracker Barrel, and kind of expensive. It's true that in NC and southern VA it's pretty much everywhere.

                            One of my employees has family near Roanoke and I have him bring back Cheerwine every time he visits. If only Blenheim's ginger ale would work its way that far north, I'd be all set.