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Jul 24, 2014 07:50 AM

Korean BBQ inside the Loop

I had my first Korean BBQ at Koryo Kalbi last night. I totally fell in love with the place and the food. But, I live in East Dallas and the drive to Royal and Harry Hines is a bit of a haul. Any suggestions for great Korean BBQ within the loop? If not, then where is the best to be had?

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  1. Technically the Loop is, and correct me if I am wrong, 635 (north and east) to 30 (south) and 35 (west). The places around Harry Hines and Royal area are the closest Korean places that I know of. There are even more restaurants just past 35 and Royal. I am not sure if the one place in Dallas on Walnut is still was not very reliable though.

    I do know that there are several places in east Plano now that might be a bit closer. Chinese is always good in that area as well.

    1. Chang Jing, on Greenville just north of Beltline, is excellent and has great service. Perhaps that's a bit closer, although just north of the loop.