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Jul 24, 2014 07:31 AM

Meal Delivery for New Mom

I would like to order 1 -2 weeks of prepared meals for a new Mom. Just her and her husband. Looking for nutritious, high quality food. They are in South Boston. Any recommendations?

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    1. re: verka

      Seconding the Cuisine en Locale recommendation. Pricey, but a nice splurge. We recently gifted it to a new mom and it was appreciated.

      1. re: verka

        Thank you! This is exactly what I was thinking of!

      2. I love the food from this food truck, although I haven't tried their food delivery:

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        1. We really enjoyed the food from Cooking From the Heart. Seemed healthy and reasonably priced.

          1. Good morning, here is a prepared meal delivery review website, with pictures of actual meals. DineWise may be the best for you.

            1. Heirloom Kitchen doesn't list South Boston in their delivery area but they do go to the South End, so they might be able to accommodate you.

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              1. re: cwinboston

                Hello, owner of Heirloom Kitchen here. Thanks for the recommendation! Yes we do deliver to South Boston. I'll make sure that change gets reflected on the website. Thanks!