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Jul 24, 2014 07:30 AM

cold roast beef

Does anyone know a good butcher where I can get a large portion of cold roast beef (not sliced) for a party that wouldn't be extremely expensive? I'm not a meat eater so I don't know much about this.

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  1. I assume you mean cooked from the deli - Romanian Kosher Sausage makes an excellent roast beef and I am sure they will sell you a chunk - being kosher they might be a little more epensive - I would also check out Kaufman's

    1. Most delis should be willing to sell a potion of their Roast Beef in the deli case - with that being said Romanian Kosher makes an excellent roast beef - I believ it is at $14-$15 a pound -

      1. Deli meats are sliced and sold at supermarkets and delicatessens. I'm sure any of them would be happy to sell you a whole roast or whatever portion of a roast without slicing it. Since it's for a party and you're looking for one that's not overly expensive, you might consider Boar's Head, a brand that sells reasonably high quality meats which are widely available in local stores and aren't terribly expensive. You can expect to spend $8-10/lb for Boar's Head roast beef. They sell several varieties, which you can view on their website at

        1. Ideally, you should purchase the roast beef from a butcher/deli that cooked the meat inhouse, rather than just buying a pre-cooked mass-produced RB from the deli case of your local super market. I am not sure whether they cook their RB inhouse (because I never buy it), but a first rate butcher located on the NW side of Chicago is Joseph's Finest Meats, on Addison, just east of Harlem. If that is a convenient location for you, I would encourage you to give them a call to confirm whether their RB is home-made (I am betting it is).

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            If you call individual butchers that cook meat in-house, you may want to ask about price, which they should be willing to provide over the phone. First rate butchers are usually not inexpensive, and it sounds like that's something that matters to you for your upcoming party. If you want to go that route, you can find recommendations for some of our best local butchers in these discussions:


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              thanks for the replies; I should have made clear I wanted something from a butcher rather than a deli case. I called around from the lists in the earlier discussions and Gepperth's was able to do it for me (closer than some of the other options as I'm on the south side); thanks for helping out a clueless vegetarian :)

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              I know the OP has located a butcher near his/her south side home but for anyone else following this thread with a similar mission on the northwest side, when I was at Joseph's today I noted that their cooked roast beef is identified as "homemade" -- price $7.99/ one-half pound.

            3. Maybe check with the folks at Jerry's? They are super nice and friendly and offer a great product.