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Jul 24, 2014 07:29 AM

Chengdu in Green Brook?

Anyone know if it's opened yet?

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  1. No, about 3 weeks....that will place 2 new excellent chinese restaurants ½ mile from each other,...across the road (Rt. 22) is the Golden Cantonese.....excellent....can they compete with each other ?....time will tell......

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    1. re: LEOFONT

      Thanks, Leofont, I've been meaning to try Golden Cantonese, though for years our go-to place for Hong-Kong/Cantonese has been Wonder Seafood in Edison. Looking forward to the opening of Chengdu.

      1. re: albinoni

        My go-to Chinese was also Wonder in Edison, these two are closer to where I live..........

        1. re: LEOFONT

          We tried Golden Cantonese the other night, really liked it (we had the "giant" shrimp in superior sauce, and the pork chops with chili and special salt (at Wonder Seafood, this is called salt and pepper)--both were excellent. We will be back, though if Chengdu 1 Palace will be as good as I think it will, we will be going there a lot.

    2. To answer my own question--yesterday, my wife, who lacks my patience, searched on-line, got the Chengdu 1 website, which has a menu and phone number for Chengdu 1 Palace in Green Brook. She called and spoke to a live person who told her it would be opening in two weeks!

        1. Hello! chowhound!
          Eric here, (formerly of Amazing Hot Dog Verona/Boundbrook)
          I consider myself somewhat a personal friend of Lien, the owner of Chengdu 1. In fact he called me personally to tell me that they are opening I have been eating at the Cedar Grove location since he opened as it as right around the corner from AHD. After seeing the sign go up on Rt 22 (and almost crashing my car when I saw it, LOL!) I immediately drove to Cedar grove and played 20 Questions with Jessica my interpreter.

          As Curlz has stated, they are opening on Friday! I will be there with some folks. Without making a humongous effort of coordination (it's still the summer and "ain't nobody got time for dat") let's fill some tables people!! Bring some friends!

          If you do end up going, I would encourage all of us to remember that its day one for Lien in Greenbrook. While I trust that the food will be delicious, I will not be in critique mode, but more in the posture of helping him with his first dinner service. It's a critical day for a Restauranteur to see what works and what needs work.

          I'm posting a photo for nostalgia purposes. I no longer look anything like that. I'm skinny and bald now.
          Hope to see you there!

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          1. re: ejebud

            sounds great! Eric, what time do you expect to be there?

            1. re: albinoni

              I'm thinking around 6:30. I'll probably be there for several hours.

              1. re: ejebud

                Sounds good. My wife is on board. I will try to round up some guys from my bike club who like spicy, as well as their wives, though from past experience, this can be like herding cats.

                1. re: ejebud

                  Only several hours? I thought you'd camp out for the weekend... ;-)

              2. re: ejebud

                Waiting to hear how things went last night. Ready to start planning my order for tonight !!

                1. re: sgschef

                  Four of us went there last night--it was their opening night, so I will cut them slack. The service was chaotic--waitresses appeared randomly, orders came in haphazardly, at one point they were screaming at each other across the room--obviously the place was understaffed with inexperienced help. I think the coup de grace was when they had three huge parties going on simultaneously, the smaller tables were totally ignored.

                  As far as the food, I have to be honest and say that I prefer Chengdu 23 in Wayne, or E-mei in Philly. Some it it was very good, good enough to go back and reorder or try some other dishes. Again, opening night is not for final judgments. I liked the spicy wonton app, they also had a very simple spicy cold broccoli app that was a killer. The kungpao chicken--a dish that has become ubiquitous on takeout menus, but was once unique and exotic, and, if done right, can still be revelational, was just ok--Chengdu 23's is far superior (either way, make sure you order it Sichuan as opposed to American style). We also had a sliced pork in spicy sauce, was loaded with chopped hot pepper which I got tired of picking out. Ants climbing a tree was made with cellophane noodles and minced pork, spicy, I took most of it home and just had it cold a few minutes ago and liked it better today. BTW, our friends, who know nothing about authentic Sichaun, ordered off the "special dishes" menu, which was nothing more than crappy westernized preps. One chicken dish was made with maple syrup.

                  1. re: albinoni

                    This is why I give new places a month or three to get their act together before trying them out. Certainly never would go on an opening night which pretty much will guarantee ongoing confusion...

                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        Except when you know the chef/owner and want to support them...nothing wrong with that, imo.

                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          NEVER NEVER go on opening night, or week, servers screwed up, kitchen the same, and management all prepared with their set of EXCUSES for same.

                    1. re: ejebud

                      Eric, great to see you posting and even better to hear from you. Thanks for all of the great info.

                      On an unrelated note -- did you open a new place? Thanks.

                    2. Just a FYI: They are BYO until the liquor license goes through so if you want to drink beer or wine BYO. Also, bring cash and small bills to make dividing up the bill easier.