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Jul 24, 2014 07:11 AM

Chicago Hounds Headed to Seattle

We will be in Seattle next week for a family wedding. We will be staying at the Hotel Five, which I gather is downtown. We are pretty adventurous but we will be traveling with non-foodie vegetarians and are looking for lunch and dinner places for the few days that are not already booked with events.

Looking for suggestions in the area. We've already been warned off the Tom Douglas restaurants.

Some of those meals would be just us (so really no limitations) and others with our veggie relatives (they do eat cooked fish, but not sushi or seafood) so someplace we would all enjoy and are looking for suggestions for those of you who know.

On our last visit we had a wonderful dinner at The Flying Fish and also lunched at Salumi where we would love to try again- without the vegetarians - if it is still good.

We will probably have a car. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You may have been warned off Tom Douglas, but if I were staying 1 block from Palace Kitchen, as you will be, I wouldn't rule it out for a group dinner.

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      Or breakfast.
      I feel like there aren't a ton of GREAT breakfast options in this city, but I think Tom's smashed garlic potatoes (I believe available at both Dahlia and Lola) are pretty dang good.

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        I'm not a fan of everything on that menu, but my brother and I stopped in after the Sounders/Timbers game for a midnight meal and the Idaho Trout from the woodfire grill was excellent. They have a variety of vegetarian options too.

      2. You'll be a bit north of downtown, but bus service should work for you. Hop a ferry to Bainbridge (no need to take your car unless you want to) and go to Marche. They do wonderful things with vegetables for your vegetarian friends--I highly recommend their "Vegetables Five Ways" plate. Their seafood and meat dishes are also excellent. Within easy walking distance of the ferry terminal in downtown Winslow. Tulio's is a good bet for Italian downtown and there will be vegetarian options there. Loulay is my favorite downtown restaurant--next to the Sheraton--French with a Northwest flair, and they also have vegetarian options. Re Tom Douglas, there are a LOT of people who love his restaurants. I happen to be one who doesn't, but who knows, you might like them.

        1. Adventurous?
          Locate the zip code 98118.
          It's said to be the most ethnically diverse area in the US. Drive down Rainier or MLK Way and pull into any strip mall.
          There will probably be a place, or two, with foreign signage. You probably won't be able to read the menu either - if there is one.
          Rest assured that people in Seattle are very nice. You will be recognized as an outsider, but you will be welcomed.
          Just let them cook for you by asking for the "special" or something "special."
          The vegetarians can shine as well here. Just ask.
          Don't be surprised if the manager comes to your table and asks if you want the blood cake in your bowl of soup, if that's what you ordered but had no idea of what they were talking about and found yourself nodding, smiling and shrugging when they went away.

          This will be an adventure and you will be in a very diverse community which opens up all sorts of shopping adventures.

          If there are any tofu lovers in your group check out the various postings on tofu in Seattle around Jackson Street. entire restaurants and joints that prepare tofu in wonderful ways.

          Fun for a group is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Seattle, Maneki. With advance notice you might be able to get a tatami room.

          Good luck report back.

          1. Chicgail - I've followed you for your great advice when traveling to Chicago (I'm from SF) - I'm up here in Seattle a lot, and the food scene here is great.

            Recently Greyelf did a great trip and conducted a lot of good research prior to coming here - I think you may find this thread useful and current: and her report of the actual trip:

            My quick list of favorites in no particular order includes:

            - The Whale Wins
            - Revel
            - Il Corvo
            - Honore Bakery
            - Oddfellows Hall
            - Lecosho
            - Milstead Coffee
            - Bastille

            There are many good threads on this board, and I'm sure you'll have a great time here - it's a fun and creative food scene, like in Chicago these days, but with its own twists - enjoy!

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              Thank you, RichinMV (and everyone else). That was exactly what I needed. I'm researching, taking notes and looking forward to a new eating adventure. I will post a follow-up when we get back home.