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Jul 24, 2014 06:44 AM

Seafood Birthday DInner

I am looking for a special seafood meal to take my brother to for his 30th birthday. He loves shellfish. It can be pretty much anywhere in NJ as I live in central jersey and would be willing to travel an hour or so. I am thinking of maybe an old school seafood joint for lobsters/crabs or maybe an asian restaurant with amazing shellfish dishes or really any ethnic restaurant that serves amazing shellfish. Anything out of the ordinary is right up our alley. Any suggestions?

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  1. Fernandes in newark.... something for everyone and great seafood. Stuffed lobsters, whole red snapper, killer garlic shrimp appetizer. It is a dining experience! I could go on and on lol...

    1. Duuuuuuuuude. A couple/three additional options off the top of my head. Old School/seafood joints have gone the way of upscale condos on the water (the Oyster Creek Inn remains one of the few exceptions - their food is decent, but not worthy of a 75 minute trip down the GSP). Asian places are a very good bet these days. I can't help you there, but I know they're out there. But here's what I got...

      Consider taking a trip to Princeton. They're still dealing some of the best seafood to be had. Great raw bar and excellent, numerous fish dishes to choose from the menu.

      You could also do far worse than choosing NICHOLAS (if your wallet allows) and do their Lobster special (at the bar) on a Sunday nite. While not a fish house per se, the overall quality of this place is unrivaled in most of NJ. Plus, as it's just over the bridge from Redd Bank, you can drive the 3 minutes into town and have a good time in any of the area bars.

      Last but far from least. Try Seaside Park but don't do it on a weekend (if you're traveling from CNJ) as it will negate any vibe you get from a wonderful meal at Chef Mike's ABG.

      Have a blast and do let us know what you decided upon (others will no doubt offer additional good recs) and a review of same.

      1. We are going to Fornos for our lobster fix.

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          It was disappointing this time around. oh well. Still fun.

        2. Blue Point Grill in Princeton is great. It's known for excellent fish and a large selection of east and west coast oysters, but not a lot of shellfish. Reservations a must for any night of the week. byob.

          Our local fav for shellfish is Blue Claw Crab Eatery off I-295 in Burlington Township. Best local selection of all types of crab (blues, king, snow, etc) and beats driving to MD. Super casual, roll up your sleeves and enjoy crab until you burst type of place. byob.

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            Thanks Foody. I may be visiting a friend of mine who runs a non-profit farm in Burlington County in the next few days. This place sound great (I was thinking of stopping into DeLorenzo's/Robbinsville - but this is closer to my itinerary).

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              enjoy! It's a complete dive but that's why we love it.

              Couple tips for blues - check out the sizes/prices in the refrigerated case (to the left as you enter) to see what's available. You can order any of the crab steamed, steamed with old bay (our fav) or with garlic. They don't skimp on the garlic, so only order if you're *really* into garlic!

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                You know the adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?. Substitute garlic for me - I couldn't live without it.

          2. For Chinese.....Qin Dynasty in Parsippany. I recommend the Lobster Noodles. They have fish and lobsters in tanks, so you know it's fresh. There are probably similar restaurants throughout the state, possibly in Edison. {Pictures of the Lobster Noodles below)


            For Greek, Varka in Ramsey. Unique fish and seafoods simply grilled.

            The most bang for your buck is at the Lobster Seafood Buffet at The Manor in West Orange....especially with great desserts and the best Cream of Mushroom soup you will find anywhere.