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Jul 24, 2014 06:31 AM

Honeymoon dinner and lunch in Tokyo

I am aware that overly vague requests aren't appreciated, but I'm hoping some of you will take pity on a mama trying to make arrangements for her son's and future DIL's first dinner and next day lunch after a long flight from the US. This will be in December 2014.

I have not yet booked a hotel, so the location of the restaurants is not critical (may book according to which restaurants I book). My son is a chef, and he worked in a high end Japanese restaurant in Dallas for a few years. I honestly don't know how much or little Japanese he speaks, but he definitely appreciates good quality and technique. I wouldn't want him to have to rely on his Japanese language skills to order, so at least some English would be preferable. Even better if I could make meal reservations via email with the concierge when I book the hotel.

I was thinking a sushi restaurant for dinner, and perhaps tempura for lunch the following day. Budget would be up to about 30,000 yen pp for dinner and it would be great to find a lunch less than 10,000 pp. I wouldn't object to less expensive options, but after having just purchased the plane tickets and reservations for the remaining 2 weeks in Thailand, I would prefer not to go higher.

I know there are lots of suggestions on the board, and I'm sorting through those but thought maybe someone could provide input into what might fit this situation best.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!

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  1. Since nobody tried, I will give it a shot. December is good time for snow crab. You can try "Akasaka Kitafuku".

    Check out their menu. They serve King Crab, Matsuba (Snow) Crab, Fugu, Matsuzaka Beef and Suppon. It is rated by Michelin with one star and Tablelog 4.21.

    Best yet, they accept reservation through e-mail.

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    1. re: teriyakichi

      Thanks so much for being the first to chime in! This looks like a really good options!

    2. Although it may be cliche at this point, go to Sukibayashi but the one in Roppongi Hills (which is a little cheaper than the original). This will be about $300/person. You can call direct to make a reservation a few months in advance and the person answering the phone does have enough English skills to take your reservation.

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        Why cliché, for someone clearly not in the know? I appreciate the suggestion, it is on my list!

      2. I would recommend this: stay at the Peninsula, and walk 6 minutes to a wonderful omakase sushi dinner at Sushiko Honten. For lunch, a 7 minute walk from the hotel will take them to Tenichi Ginza Honten for a great tempura meal. This covers all your requirements, and within budget.

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          Wonderful suggestions on all 3 counts--now I just have to make a decision and see which I think they'd prefer!