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Jul 24, 2014 06:22 AM

Chewing versus Milling whole grains

My girlfriend cracked a tooth trying to chew a slice of multi-grain bread.

If Neolithic man invented grain milling 50000 years ago, why are we now trying to chew whole grains? Isn't chewing the same as milling, for all practical purposes?

I understand the benefits of lowering the Glycemic Load of a slice of bread, I just wonder why they don't go ahead and grind the grain a little more thoroughly, since I'm going to do the same thing with my teeth anyway.

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  1. For show? Look, the bread is full of WHOLE grains.

    1. Companies who make Whole Grain Bread want to be sure you can see all!the!whole!grains!!
      Which actually kinda makes sense since there are so many loaves made from mostly white flour with a sprinkle of whole grains so they can say it is on the marketing propaganda.
      It could have been the hull of a whole grain or even a shard of nut shell that was the culprit there.
      It's kinda like how organic produce is always filthy with dirt clumps-look!straight!from!the!farm! As if washing it would make it less organic....

      1. I was reading the blog of Art Ayers, and thought of this thread. Dr. Ayers latest post: Dr. Oz Five Food Felons.


        From the post:

        Grains are not healthy for most people, because of the toxicity of gluten and hyperglycemic starch. Ultra fine milling and fast commercial bread making eliminate the resistant starch. "Whole grain" processed foods just add back the insoluble fiber that is considered toxic, because of its phytic acid content. Grains should just be replaced with whole foods, such as vegetables that contain the soluble fiber that feeds the gut flora that provide all of the needed vitamins and are required for immune system development.

        1. What makes a grain lower glycemic to a significant degree is the amount of indigestible parts that pass through you without getting fully metabolized or metabolized at all.

          My sympathies to your wife!

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            I guess one burns more calories with all the chewing. Like Wegman's Marathon [Energy] Bread, which is packed with raw veggies and seeds. So instead of chewing that grain, maybe I should just swallow it whole, like a Tarahumara megamarathon runner.