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‘Food is Meant to Nourish, Not Entertain’

This was the title of an article written by a raw/vegan health food store owner in my local town

while the gist of the article kind of goes off from that tangent exactly, It got me thinking...

can't food Nourish AND entertain?

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  1. If it can't, then an awful lot of us here are surely wasting our time. :)

    We are entertained merely by the act of creating a nice dinner. Not always, but frequently, we share photos of our dishes, creatively plated and visually appealing. A lot of us use food *to* entertain our family & friends.

    He's a zealot, and sees in B&W. FWIW, his headline hasn't a thing to do with the content of his article. It does speak to his views.

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          Way I see it, that guy's failing to see the big problem with raw food - it can't multitask like cooked food can.

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                  Love Avenue Q! "Ready, normal people?"

          1. I feel sorry for him, as I feel sorry for anyone who cannot find joy in a beautiful plate of anything, beyond its nutritional value.

            (really, and he believes that he will never, ever get cancer? He's deluded, too.)

            1. It's kind of a depressing statement to me
              it conveys the thought that you can't enjoy healthy food
              (remove the whole vegan/raw zeal that the author has)

              1. Reminds me of that Chris Kimball NYT article "Cooking Isn’t Creative, and It Isn’t Easy" which was debated here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/873298

                At least this fellow is passionate in an irritating, Zen kinda way.

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                  Chris Kimball makes me sad -- everything he does is so cold and humorless and NOT fun. Even when he's wearing a stupid costume, he's still stiff and obviously not comfortable.

                  I simply cannot watch ATK.

                2. The man's a communist. Food is meant to nourish, comfort and make us happy.

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                    This guy makes asceticism look positively Lucullan.

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                      I don't agree with the article but what has this to do with communism ?

                    2. wow. remind me to party with that guy some time.

                      1. I wonder why jesus turned water into wine? Water would have worked just fine.

                        1. That was basically a book commercial with some lifestyle evangelism thrown in. He probably sees me as an ideal candidate for his approach; I am not interested in walking away from my "emotional attachments" to food.
                          I would like to know Where he finds his joy, other than through proselytizing a raw diet.

                          (Awaiting the gray goo soylent tie in)

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                            it's funny that you use the word evangelism, I was thinking the same thing

                          2. Saying food is just for nutrition is like saying sex is just for procreation.

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                            1. Wow, from his photo, he sure doesn't look all that healthy and nourished. Doesn't he realize that when someone boasts superiority of diet and lifestyle to live a disease free life - that is the time that the Big C shows up to rear it's ugly head. Putz

                              I'd certainly enjoy and be entertained by a pretty and thoughful plating of nourishing food, then have it slopped down my gullet.

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                                  No, he does not look healthy at all.

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                                    He looks awful. I would not be taking advice on how to care for my body from someone who appears to be unfamiliar with basic dental hygiene.

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                                      I didn't see that pic of him until just moments ago. He is scary. Would you trust your kid in the same room with him?

                                      Before I believe anything he has to say about healthful eating, let's review his publications on shaving, shampooing, flossing and other daily practices that seem to have escaped his attention.

                                      P.S. Oooo...gross thought. I wonder what his kitchen looks like.

                                      1. re: Chefpaulo

                                        "I wonder what his kitchen looks like."

                                        I'd guess, "unused".

                                  2. What a gawdawful PITA he must be at the dinner table.

                                    1. This dude is just a Birkenstock-clad snake oil salesman.

                                      1. This guy has a giant smug cloud following him around.

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                                            you mean after all that much roughage he still even HAS an asshole? I figured it would have been abraded away.

                                            Which might be why he appears to be in a state of permanent grouch.

                                        1. Reminds me of my favorite definition of a Puritan: someone who stays up at night worrying that somewhere, somebody is having a good time.

                                          1. Not if it's vegan. Then it can't do either.

                                            1. Bet the dude is 'AMAZING' in the sack. LOL
                                              "No dearest. What we are doing is only intended to procreate. That is why the lights must stay turned off".
                                              God never intended us to actually enjoy any of our 'baser' senses".
                                              (I think I must have had a weird dream about this subject once.)
                                              "Putting food in our mouths must only be considered as a necessary 'bodily function. I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!"
                                              I knew a guy who claimed to be a 'level seven vegan'. He never ate anything that cast a shadow. (Dead now. For some reason his vital organs shut down. Go figure eh?)

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                                                When someone is assigning levels* to their eating pattern or regimen, they're taking food (and themselves) *far* too seriously.

                                                None of us are getting out of here alive; the best thing we can do for the limited time we have is Enjoy Life.


                                                For the record, that "shadow" business is a) impossible and b) comes from a joke in The Simpsons. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define...

                                                1. re: mcsheridan

                                                  A: I am aware that it is impossible.
                                                  B: I am aware the word came from the Simpsons

                                                  1. re: Puffin3

                                                    What the hell did he eat? Moss and mold?

                                                    That's the only things in Florida that don't cast a shadow...especially this time of year!

                                                    1. re: sunshine842

                                                      It would be a lot easier in Seattle... as long as it's raining or at least dreary and overcast, you can eat anything!

                                                    1. I especially like how he says that he doesn't have to worry about cancer or any degenerative diseases. Somehow he must have found the diet that is guaranteed to prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, Rheumatism, Muscular dystrophy, and many others. Why doesn't this guy have a Nobel Prize yet?

                                                      He has just as much of a chance of getting hit by a truck while he rides his precious bicycle to work as anybody else. Then where did that diet get him?

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                                                      1. Wow this guy is for real huh, hey well if he is happy

                                                        But raw-vegan is IMO not a healthful diet for the vast majority of mankind - it extrapolates a fact - raw fruits, veggies, nuts are good for you - and takes it to the extreme conclusion - only eating raw is therefore better for you. Its dietary extremism - and he is proselytizing.

                                                        Of course if he really believed food was not meant to entertain he would not be showing chow-worthy photos of beautiful food from his café or a juicy crate of mangoes and he CERTAINLY WOULD NOT BE in the restaurant business LOL. He would be advocating soylent.

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                                                          I had that exact same thought about those mangos. Those are beautiful, and I can't imagine relegating them as nothing but nourishment.

                                                        2. Yes, it can entertain, but entertainment can be carried to excess.

                                                          1. Every now and then, I forget that there exists people who hate food. And I am happy for a time.

                                                            Oh, hello darkness, my old friend.

                                                            1. Did he just imply a raw diet prevents Lyme disease and cures brain cancer?

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                                                              1. Food not only CAN both nourish and entertain, it OUGHT TO! Why do we have dinner parties? luncheons? barbecues? cocktail parties? Pulllease! give me a break.

                                                                I read his post. He sounds absolutely joyless. I read that he is happy and fulfilled, but I did not get that at all from the tone of his writing. I feel sorry for him.

                                                                1. By the title I thought the article was going to be a rant about Food Network (and I could probably get on board with some of those sentiments...ahem).

                                                                  However to the OP's question "can't food Nourish AND entertain?"

                                                                  Ever been the parent of a two-year-old human being? Ever do the "airplane" thing ("open the hangar..."), cut the crusts off sandwiches, cooked bunny-shaped pasta?

                                                                  It has been my experience that food needs to be entertaining (and delicious) in order to BE nutritious.

                                                                  If the food is not eaten, it's not providing nutrition for anyone.

                                                                  1. A rediculous opinion by someone who takes no joy in one of life's great pleasures. One wonders if he considers sex to be only for reproduction and not for pleasure. In general I distrust vegans, especially ones like this who wear their diet like a hair shirt

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                                                                    1. re: jbuttitta

                                                                      I'm sure he takes joy in believing his anhedonia makes him a superior human. He's the modern version of the religious ascetics who sat on poles in the desert to flaunt their saintliness.

                                                                      1. re: jbuttitta

                                                                        I used to have a colleague who was a vegan -- he should be the poster child for vegans. He was completely filled out (by his own admission, a bit soft around the middle!) -- rosy-cheeked and bright-eyed, and was constantly off to kayak, rock climb, hike through the mountains of New Zealand and Scotland....he was healthier and enjoyed life more than most people I know. I enjoyed going out to eat with him, because the meals were always delicious -- he had a knack for finding great little restaurants wherever we traveled (and this was in the baby days of the interwebs, when it was hard to find vegan restaurants!)

                                                                        He also paid close attention to what he ate, but it was never obvious -- not ever a primadona "me-me-me" rant, and while he would discuss ingredients and I knew he was balancing his dietary needs in his head, it wasn't ever oppressive.

                                                                        Pity he's such a rarity.

                                                                      2. Sounds like the most boring diet ever, I wonder how long his raw/vegan. place ism going to be in business.. it wouldn;t last long in these neck of the woods.

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                                                                          I used to have a friend that would take me to his cafe' when it was in Manayunk, PA (outside of Philadelphia) back in the early 90's. We would get our carrot/beet/ginger juice fix on. they had a little counter and lots of books and magazines... which I don't recall ever bothering to look through.
                                                                          When he opened a store in my town, I was pleasantly surprised. Until I went in.

                                                                          Did you ever have that feeling like you just walked into a party uninvited? Yeah... I got my daughter her 'banana ice cream' and we left.

                                                                          That was 2007 (I think?) and the store/cafe is still there

                                                                        2. Good god. What is he, 12?

                                                                          1. If you read through some of the other options on the site, he's at least 67 and he does seem to believe in joy, Joy, JOY in all things.

                                                                            He also has a 7 step description of how disease and aging work.

                                                                            I read enough to make up my mind; so not for me. YMMV

                                                                            1. < I have no fear of getting cancer or any other disease. I'm free in my mind > Really ? Because you are a vegan who eats raw food. I live in the epicenter of this stupid hippy shit. No truth to this what so ever.

                                                                              1. Apparently this sad-sack puritan never played Gingerbread Kaiiju with his and his neighbors kids...

                                                                                Oh, Gingerbread Kaiiju is a strategy game where you bake gingerbread cookie monsters, decorate them, and fight them in a city made from cards or gingerbread buildings.


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                                                                                  1. re: deet13

                                                                                    That totally beats my Gingerbread CSI diorama.

                                                                                  2. yeah, and sex is only for procreation