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Jul 24, 2014 05:58 AM

‘Food is Meant to Nourish, Not Entertain’

This was the title of an article written by a raw/vegan health food store owner in my local town

while the gist of the article kind of goes off from that tangent exactly, It got me thinking...

can't food Nourish AND entertain?

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  1. If it can't, then an awful lot of us here are surely wasting our time. :)

    We are entertained merely by the act of creating a nice dinner. Not always, but frequently, we share photos of our dishes, creatively plated and visually appealing. A lot of us use food *to* entertain our family & friends.

    He's a zealot, and sees in B&W. FWIW, his headline hasn't a thing to do with the content of his article. It does speak to his views.

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          Way I see it, that guy's failing to see the big problem with raw food - it can't multitask like cooked food can.

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                  Love Avenue Q! "Ready, normal people?"

          1. I feel sorry for him, as I feel sorry for anyone who cannot find joy in a beautiful plate of anything, beyond its nutritional value.

            (really, and he believes that he will never, ever get cancer? He's deluded, too.)

            1. It's kind of a depressing statement to me
              it conveys the thought that you can't enjoy healthy food
              (remove the whole vegan/raw zeal that the author has)

              1. Reminds me of that Chris Kimball NYT article "Cooking Isn’t Creative, and It Isn’t Easy" which was debated here:

                At least this fellow is passionate in an irritating, Zen kinda way.

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                  Chris Kimball makes me sad -- everything he does is so cold and humorless and NOT fun. Even when he's wearing a stupid costume, he's still stiff and obviously not comfortable.

                  I simply cannot watch ATK.