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Jul 24, 2014 03:56 AM

A-Jiao on 95th and 2nd Ave.-Great Szechuan!

Amid the chaotic mess of a place the 2nd Ave subway has created I stumbled upon this great newish place. The traffic outside and construction mess was totally obliterated by their sheer drapes and inside was very clean and comfortable. Not a fancy place but solidly clean and past my standards for dining. Anyway, since it was lunch, I didn't have a big meal. Started with hot and sour soup-very good. For lunch I had a lunch special -Ma Po tofu which was very well done. I perused the menu because I intend on coming back to try more of their dishes-very similar menu to Wa Jeal which I like a lot as well. Just an option if you are in these parts of the woods.

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