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Jul 24, 2014 03:52 AM

Sugguestions for asian groccery stores near Sudbury, MA

Hi there! Just moved from the Pacific Northwest to Sudbury. Wondering if anyone knows of a good asian groccery store that would sale veggies and meats? If anyone is from the pacific northwest anything like ranch market or uwajimiya. I've found H-mart and a quick search revealed a ton of places in boston, but with traffic its hard to get to boston for just grocceries. but if the best places are in boston i'll make the trip. just wondering if there are any closer to sudbury. Thanks for the help!

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  1. h mart in Burlington, might be easier to get to but I reccomend going at off hours, like friday night, or very early saturday morning. Lowell has some markets but not much meat in those. there is a small market in Chelmsford that I love but again, no meat to speak of but their produce on Saturday morning beats all the other nearby markets both on quality and price. I went once on a Sunday and they told me satturday morning is best and I haven't looked back. Forget what ist called but its on summer street in Chelmsford

    1. On August 1st a new / large market is opening in Lowell called V-mart. They will have veggies/meat/etc... cant wait

      1. There is Oriental market on Rte. 110 at Littleton Common.

        1. 2nd New Asian Supermarket (the place in Littleton.) It's not huge like Hmart but pretty well stocked and worth checking out to see if it at least partly meets your needs (especially if you head up 495 for other reasons, it's not too far from the highway.) Little if anything for fresh meats but some frozen stuff, and a decent selection of fresh veggies.

          There's also Saigon Asian Market, pretty big place in Nashua NH - which is of course way out of your way, but might be worth checking out if you happen to find yourself in the area for other reasons.

          1. Not too far off you should make a trip to Russo's in Watertown/Waltham. They have lots of great asian centric veggies and herbs.