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Jul 24, 2014 02:16 AM

Masuta sushi in Tokyo

I tried to find a lesser known sushi-ya to include as a lunch spot on my schedule for my Tokyo trip. I used tabelog as a tool and searched for sushi-yas in Tokyo with an average score above 4 and where the lunch and dinner pricing were the same in order to asure the very best and similar service at lunch as at dinner. Masuta came up as one of few alternatives. Apparently the chef is a Jiro Ono kohai. Anyone with experience or knowledge about Masuta?

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  1. The alternatives would be:

    - Sushi Ichiyanagi
    - Daisan Harumi
    - Miyaha
    - Sushi Totoya
    - Sushi Matsunami

    These are not all with an average score above 4 and their lunch and dinner price are different meaning the lunch service will most likely not be the same for lunch and dinner. Sushi Matsunami does however meet the criteria in the OP.

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      I know all the sushi yasan on your list, I tried them at dinner - and some also at lunch. The only sushi yasan I would really go back to is sushi Miyaha for his lunch (also it may be at bit challenging for a foreigner on his own), and sushi Masuda (didn't try his lunch nigiri course yet).
      Sorry I won't be able to answer the board for more than 21 days, I will come back in the end of August beginning of September.

      1. re: Ninisix

        Thanks, Ninisix.

        You wrote Masuda. From my research on Tabelog the restaurant I am refering to is called Masuta. Are they the same and if so what is the actual name?

        May I also ask how your experience at that restaurant was?

        There is also one other sushi-yasan I would like to ask about. It is called Irifune. Apparently it is a tuna specialist. They might not be a sushi-yasan but more of a tuna restaurant. They do serve sushi there though. Do you know it?