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Jul 24, 2014 01:06 AM

Shop Rite

not sure if this is Southern or Northern New England.

What are your opinions on this store if any?

The prices can be great when they have specials but they run the same ones over and over

(london broil, pork chops, boneless chicken)

The bakery at my store is pretty bad, I prefer picking up some pizza dough and making my own bread and rolls

The only other store here is Stop and Shop and for some reason I can't stand that store-something about it idk

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  1. Shop Rite is not in Northern New England. Shop Rite is a co-op and all stores are part of Wakefern in NJ. So your in a store where it could be a single owner or a store that has ownership of many. They do differ with the better stores being in NJ IMO. I live near the Enfield Ct store and I would rate as average but all stores in western ma northern ct average. Give me Fairway for a chain store any day

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      Thanks for the information, I think my store is one that has many owners - I have never heard of Fairway which is too bad

      it would be nice to have a decent chain store close by

    2. Fairway in Fairfield County NY NJ. Where you!

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          I love going down to Fairway now and then. It's a 40 minute trip for me but I usually walk around the crazy expensive antique centers in the area and make an afternoon of it.

      1. Shop Rite's strategy is to be a high/low grocery store, so if you get something on sale, price can be very attractive, but if you get something at regular price, you will pay dearly. When they have their "Can Can sale", you can get great buys. The bakery at Stop & Shop is way better than Shop Rite's based on my experience with fresh-baked bread. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, check it out (not sure where you are). You may also like Wegman's if that is in your area.

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        1. re: Sherbro

          They are having their can-can sale this week.

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            Have you noticed the bake Chabaso bread in the store bakery now and have changed the packaging.

          2. Not sure if by Southern New England you mean Southern Fairfield County, but there is a Shop Rite in Norwalk, CT - and there is a positive embarrassment of riches in the area of grocery stores there. I do prefer Stop and Shop to Shop Rite myself, maybe it's just habit, but likely it's the improved selection / variety. I dislike their produce section - they tend to have a lot of stuff, but it's all not stored right - drowned in water or not kept at the right temperature or just plain old / not picked well.

            Besides these two stores, there's Fairway in Stamford; Whole Foods and Stew Leonards in Norwalk; Trader Joe's, The Fresh Market and Balducci's in Westport. Some are more expensive than others, but each does tend to have a couple of things that are unique to them, so I do visit each from time to time, to get particular brands, varieties or prepared foods that are unique to each.

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              I love the Fresh Market in Westport. Their in store baked cookies made with butter are delicious!

            2. Here in Hamden CT, Shop Rite is right across the street from Stop & Shop, but I tend to go to Stop & Shop most of the time & Shop Rite only occasionally.

              The prices are comparable & the stores are about the same size. But the produce & bakery are much better at Stop & Shop, & I tend to prefer their brand assortment as well in some departments (e.g. dairy).

              I also prefer Stop & Shop's meat most of the time. But the Shop Rite meat department often has a greater variety of not-quite-mainstream items, e.g. all sorts of pig parts, organ meats, & "chicken paws" (my soup-making favorite) -- which is often what brings me into the store in the first place.

              The Mid-Atlantic roots of Shop Rite are clearly evident in some things -- for example, if I liked Taylor ham, that's where I would find it. FWIW, I liked the Shop Rite stores I've been to in NJ better than the local one, though of course Wegman's was far superior when I could get there.

              I actually think Big Y is overall a better general-purpose grocery store than either Shop Rite or Stop & Shop, but there isn't one as convenient to me (the nearest is North Haven) so I don't go there often. Stew Leonards & Trader Joe are both available to me on my way home from work, but neither is a full-service grocery & I tend to go to each for a few specific things, not basic shopping. (I like Stew's dairy, bakery & meat, TJ's canned goods & coffee, & both for cut flowers.)

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                The Shop-Rite in Hamden Plaza occupies space that was Shaw's before they pulled out of CT. Shop-Rite was across the Street to the north of People's Bank 40 years ago. There were Shop-Rites in Hamden, West haven, Derby (now Adams) and they all lasted less than 5 years. About 18 years ago new franchisees came to the area. They are inconsistent because they are NOT a chain, but a buying co-op. Their house brands are inferior and their meats are usually on the low end of each grade. Ins store bakery is Yechhh and their deli, especially house brand-Black Bear disgusting. The only thing to buy their are packaged national brands that are on sale at a good price.

                Disclaimer...I've never bought their meat for human consumption, only to cook for the dogs, but it doesn't compare in quality to Stop and Shop or Big Y.

                I used to live less than 2 blocks from the Plaza store and had retail stores in the plaza in the space they now occupy.

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                  There is currently a Shop Rite in Derby; it's in the old Bradlees space on Pershing Drive and has been there at least 7 years, maybe close to ten. (The Derby Adams used to be a Klarides market; it may have been a Shop Rite before that, but I wouldn't know.)

                  As for Shop Rite, not a fan. Early on, they advertised Angus beef at a very good price but didn't have any. They did, however, have regular beef at the Angus price. Uh, no thanks. I don't even shop their Can-Can sale.

                  I have heard that the Milford Shop Rite (in the Bob's Stores/Jani plaza on Cherry Street) has a good fish counter, with Dave of the old Dave's Seafood running it, but I haven't felt the urge to check it out.

                  1. re: harrie

                    I know the Pershing Drive Store. We had a store in that center from when it opened in 1964, approximately where the Chinese Buffet is now.

                    The Klarides on RT 34 replaced the Shop-Rite. It ws a Stop and Shop for a short while after S&S bought Klaride's. Now an Adams IGA. I shop there each week when going to visit mom who is in a nursing home in Derby.
                    The Shop-Rite in Milford is quite a bit above the others. It is not owned by the people who own any of the other local locations. Derby is owned by the same owner as Shelton, a pretty poor operator. The local Shop-Rite on Black Rock Tpk in Fairfield really sucks with sky high prices and lousy service. As I said earlier, Shop-Rite is not a chain, just a buying co-op with some almost decent operators and lots of horrible operations.

                    1. re: bagelman01

                      thank you for your stores, the bagels were beyond good, do you still have some open? I hope so

                      1. re: madeliner

                        I've been out of the business since 1980 (wow I feel old). I bake fresh bagels in my outdoor wood fired pizza oven several times each week, but they are not commercially available.

                        1. re: bagelman01

                          aw that's too bad, your setup at home sounds super

                          are there even any bagel shops left in CT? Is bagel king still around? or was that you ? :)

                          1. re: madeliner

                            There are still Bagel King locations on Main Street in Bridgeport and Blackrock Turnpike in Fairfield. Fairfiled makes a better bagel.

                            I am originally from New Haven and was in the bakery business in Hamden. Because of the contract when I left the business (which continued for another 20+ years) I am not at liberty to name the establishment.

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              Village Bagel in Norwalk and Liz Sue in Stamford & Norwalk still make traditional boil & bake bagels. When I could eat bagels (carbs) I liked both places product.

                              1. re: zackly

                                Never had Liz Sue. Village Bagel had a branch in Milford and was subpar at best.

                                1. re: zackly

                                  I was never crazy about Liz Sue-nice to know they are still in business though

                                2. re: bagelman01

                                  I totally understand you can't name where you worked-thanks for the info re: Bagel King

                                  1. re: madeliner

                                    MIL's favorite is their square Flagel

                          2. re: bagelman01

                            Milford, Hamden , E. & W Haven, Stratford all owned by former District Manager of SRS. SRS was owned by Wakefern and operated out of Rocky Hill , CT in 1990's. Wakefern also owns Price Rite stores.

                            1. re: sakeandgin

                              West Haven and Milford are NOT owned by the same operator. They were when opened in the early 90s, but West Haven was sold off. It is a filthy store. Milford and West Haven are not former Shaw's locations as are Hamden and Stratford, Shelton and Fairfield to name but a few.

                              1. re: bagelman01

                                Bagel Where do you get your information? I am not talking about cleanliness or lack of. The five stores I noted earlier are owned by Milford Markets dba ShopRite. Stratford, West Haven, Hamden, East Haven, Milford.

                                1. re: sakeandgin

                                  When Milford and West Haven were opened they were owned by the same people. Then West Haven was sold off. I moved from the immediate area about 11 years ago (though I am still occasionally in the stores). It seems that Harry Garofalo bought both stores in 2003. I was still in a time warp referencing the second set of owners.

                                2. re: bagelman01

                                  bagel, sorry to go off topic, and skirt the actual naming of your old place...But as a Quinnipiac student, I used to participate in a roadrace...was that sponsored by your place?

                                  1. re: BiscuitBoy

                                    I would believe you are correct, I worked for both major wholesale kosher bakeries in the New Haven area and they both began with "L"

                                    1. re: bagelman01

                                      Trippy. The hot dog guy you know was is a long time family friend and neighbor, and one of the "L" guys was a new family friend

                                      1. re: BiscuitBoy

                                        It's a small community...............

                                        Before I married the current Mrs. B, she took me to meet her aunt whose family owned a large kosher Bakery in Bridgeport for many decades. I knew the name and had met many of the male family members, not the aunt.
                                        The aunt was introduced to me as S,,,,,, X. X being the name of the family bakery. We then walked from the car where the aunt had met us to the front door where I saw a plaque with the name Y. I asked the new aunt to be which member of the Y family from Norwalk she was married to and the aunt looked at me very puzzled. The door opened and her husband E walked out. I took one look and broke out laughing. Her aunt was married to my aunt by marriage's brother.

                                        For many generations people in the same trade married amongst themselves.

                            2. re: harrie

                              You are correct about the Shop Rite in Milford about the fish counter. The manager is quite friendly and will not hesitate to direct you to what he considers a good hunk of fish. Often he will have sections of tuna/swordfish which he will cut to order. I just missed some steamers for $5.99/lb (they were there for a few days, but when I got around to them.....).

                              Also correct on the Black Bear deli meats (Bagelman01).

                              They do have stuff my wife likes Kashi cereal & Russian Kefir so I get there often enough.

                              The selection of odd meat bits is good for stews etc, but I'd rather pay $25/lb for a good aged steak at Whole Foods a mile up the street when I eat steak.

                              I was talking with the counterman at the Shelton Stop&Shop fish department & he said the quality of the fish went down when they changed their supplier from the Boston area to NYC (to save money allegedly). Apparently the purveyor is living up to "you get what you pay for".