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Jul 23, 2014 11:30 PM

Wawa in Manalapan on Rt. 9 North suddenly morphs into Pantry 1

One day recently, a sign said, "Closed for inventory control and renovation." And then suddenly, the building is painted WHITE and there is a new sign up which now reads PANTRY 1 FOOD. Ummm.. what? Where did Wawa go? I want answers!

Apparently a lot of Wawas morph into Pantry 1's, a brand I've never heard of until now.

Does anyone else know what's going on?

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  1. The South River Wawa (one of two) became Pantry 1 a couple years back. They tested the waters in Bergen County a while ago and they quickly turned into Pantry Ones.

    Wawa is now reestablishing themselves in Bergen County. Lodi opened last year. Hackensack is under construction, and I just read something in the paper this morning about plans for one in Ramsey. Everyone's still waiting for the Mahwah Wawa.

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        1. re: eddie6666

          "I don't need no Wawa!" - George Harrison

        2. re: ebchower

          > Everyone's still waiting for the Mahwah Wawa.

          Or, after they expand into the Pacific Northwest - the Walla Walla Wawa.

        3. many WAWA stores that transform into a SUPER WAWA with gas stations etc, leave behind the old locations to be gobbled up by so many other owners like Pantry 1,
          and here in South Jersey LUCKY 7 has a few now.....
          and even old Cumberland farm Stores are
          changing to "K" brand stores too...

          1. Exactly as Tapas has said, they are abandoning their old stand alone convenience stores in favor of their gas /store combinations. Since there are a few fuel WaWa's not far from this location they closed it. More to come I'm sure.

            1. Old Wawa on Lincoln Blvd. Middlesex/Bound Brook border changed to a Pantry One over 10 years if not 15 years ago.

              1. The Wawas in Howell/Freehold next to the bus stop just became Starbucks.