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Olympic village suggestions

Hi everyone,

Looking for some dinner suggestions around Olympic village. We love italian, vegetarian, local, farm to table restaurants, moderately priced ($25 entree).

We are happy to walk 30 minutes to a great restaurant, and love to walk around after dinner.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I actually like Tap and Barrel. Reasonable selection of local wines on tap.

    1. I suggest TERRA BREADS! they make great pizza and sammys!

      1. Burdock and Co is a 15 minute walk at most south of the Village on Main Street. Farmer's Apprentice would be a brisk 30 minute walk. The spots in the village are far from farm to table spots and I don't mean to downplay the Terra suggestion, but it's a rather bustling cafe and not a dinner spot (though I do enjoy their sandwiches to go). You are also a 15 minute seawall walk from Chinatown, Gastown and Strathcona which allows you many, many options.

        1. For a more casual meal, Pizzeria Farina (Main at Prior St) makes an excellent pizza.

          1. The Foundation has been an "institution" for good vegetarian eats in Mt. Pleasant for about 10 years now. The nachos platter is great (with real cheddar):


            About a 10-15 mins walk from Oly Village.

            1. Local Food Truck Festival on Sundays from 12-5pm:


              Edible Canada on Granville Island:

              The Wallflower Modern Diner:

              1. I enjoyed The Narrow Lounge the two times I was there. The fish tacos ($2 each ? can't remember) are good.


                If you're going there after dark, their entrance (hard to find, no signage) is in this Streetview shot, to the left of the red Civic:


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                    Something about their (Argo) dumping a clump of plain white rice onto many of their entrees just don't appeal to me.

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                      The duck confit at Argo is unbeatable value. But I don't know that they're open for dinner.

                1. Take a stroll to Campangolo. They have awesome Italian food and do some farm to table. I would recommend going Upstairs where you will find some of the cities best cocktails and a burger that is awesome. I believe you can also order their entire menu upstairs.

                  Farina is also a great bet!