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Jul 23, 2014 09:27 PM

Restaurant Advice in San Antonio (Good SteakHouse and Chinese)

Hello everyone.

I am looking for an advice about where to eat the best San Antonio have to offer.

A good SteakHouse
A good Chinese.
A good French Restaurant
A good Cheese Burger
Also a good place for breakfast.

I don´t mind to drive if the restaurant its worth it.

Thank you all.

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  1. Steakhouse- Bohannons (downtown and pricey, but most of the others are chains you'd find in any city this size)
    Chinese-Sichuan (NW Military Hwy)
    French- Saveurs 209 (lower Broadway)
    Burgers/breakfast- don't go out for either regularly enough to recommend. If pressed, would say Cove, Bigz (depending on where you are) Magnolia or Cappy's (Sun) for breakfast.

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    1. re: Sam Spade

      Sichuan cuisine for sure.
      Burgers: Chris Madrid's if you haven't been. Bigz. Cured has a good burger. I like Five guys mostly for the fries, but it's a chain. Original Longhorn location on Blanco pretty good.
      Frederick's on Broadway good French with Vietnamese influences. Not much French food here since Minnie's closed recently.

      1. re: saeyedoc

        +1 on Frederick's, totally skipped my mind as we haven't been in a while. Still scratching my head over Minnie's- all the trouble AKW went to in redoing it, and it didn't last long at all. There seemed to be a good crowd every time we went....

        1. re: Sam Spade

          Me thinks Andrew got an offer he couldn't refuse.
          By the way, he's guest cheffing the next full moon beer dinner at Tuk Tuk next month. French-Vietnamese, yum.

          1. re: Sam Spade

            I am considering Frederick's for a dinner for ten clients/friends. Their website shows some apps and small plates but it doesn't give me much of an idea of bigger plates/entrees. Can someone who has been there recently give me a feel for what entrees might be available for dinner? Thx so much.

            1. re: chowmensch

              Go back to their website and click on the other options on the dinner menu, Les Poissons et Crustaces and Les Volailles et Viandes to bring up the rest of the menu.

              1. re: saeyedoc

                Thx, Doc. I tried that but neither caterogy seems to be clickable.

                1. re: chowmensch

                  They were just now, here's some more of the menu:

                  Fresh Imported Dover Sole Sauteed Or Grilled w/ Grilled Rutabaga & Quinoa
                  Fresh Grilled Trout Skin on w/ Herbs De Provence Spinach & Mushroom Rissoto
                  Fresh Norwegian Salmon w/ Sesame Seeds, Soy Glazed, Pickle Ginger, Jasmine Rice & Bok Choy
                  Fresh Healthy Poached Fish Of The Day w/ Bean Sprouts, Carrots, Artichoke Hearts, Edamame, Tamarind, Ginger, Lemongrass & Tomato in a Light Broth (Heart Healthy)

                  Aged Black Angus Beef Tenderloin w/ Steak Diane Sauce & Sweet Potato Au Gratin
                  Roasted Cornish Hen w/ Fresh Tarragon & Garlic Au Jus & Pommes Frites (Allow 20 Minutes)
                  Grass Fed Veal Piccatta w/ Mushrooms & Port Wine Sauce Over Red Cabbage
                  Fresh Calf Liver w/ Caramelized Onions & Red Wine Vinegar & Bacon Brussel Sprouts
                  New Zealand Spring Lamb Chop Dijonaise w/ Red Wine Sauce & Potato Au Gratin
                  * If any of your favorites is not on our menu tonight, ask your waiter if we can prepared it for you.

                  1. re: saeyedoc

                    Thx so much! I'm sold. Looks great!

      2. I am taking notes and will come back with a full review

        How about a good BBQ in san Antonio área not chain?

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            1. re: josephml1

              Very impressed with initial visit to Smoke Shack.
              Two Bros is great if you have kids in tow-outdoor playground. Actually liked B&D Icehouse(from Dady)a little better-very limited indoor seating though and their "market service" menu doesn't run all day like two bros.
              Granary (at the Pearl) does good 'cue also...if only they'd decide on being a "joint" (like they are at lunch) or a pricey BBQ fusion like they are at dinner.