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Jul 23, 2014 09:04 PM

Sour/Tart Cherries - where to find them in Manhattan

There is an older thread about sour cherries but was wondering if anyone knows if they can be purchased fresh/frozen in the city circa 2014. I've checked Fairway on 86th without any luck. Any farmers' markets that have sour cherries? I looked at the Union Square website but I don't see sour cherries specifically listed -- Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. Locust Grove farm had them last week (97th St green market). But they said that or this week would be the end of them. They said they had a bad season (they're upstate). I don't know about other farmers.

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      Thanks -- the 97th Street Greenmarket is on my list of places to check on Friday morning just in case they still have some.

    2. I would ask the Union Sq Greenmarket account on Twitter.

      As of July 11th, Cheerful Cherry had them at the Union Sq Greenmarket. Could also give them a call, too.

      The Cheerful Cherry Farm (607) 546-6695, 3723 County Road 2, Hector, NY

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      1. re: kathryn

        Sour cherries have a short season. At least one of the Union Square Greenmarket farmers historically had these cherries available frozen - you should definitely ask the Twitter Account. I believe there are wholesale sellers of frozen montmorency (sour) cherries if you dont luck out on this.

        Please post back what you find out.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Just arrived in NYC on Tuesday so have been trying to find them ever since. Stopped at Fairway on 86th and they had none. Thanks Kathryn for the suggestion about Twitter. I have asked on the Twitter account and I found an old 2010 NYT story about sour cherries. There were a number of farms listed and almost everyone I checked is no longer selling to the public and only selling wholesale. One that was still selling them said they'd sold out by 0900 last weekend. The season is so short but sour cherries taste so good. Even if I can find frozen ones I'd be happy. Given there are stories now about the health benefits of sour cherries maybe it is more lucrative to sell to a wholesaler. Doesn't help that last weekend I was in Chicago and ordered sour cherry pie for dessert only to discover they hadn't used sour cherries! If I find them I will let you know.

      2. I think they're pretty much over at the green markets.

        Whole Foods might have frozen. Or Trader Joe's.

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        1. re: mitchleeny

          Thanks for everyone's help but I wasn't able to find any sour cherries today. I was hoping someone might have had some frozen cherries hidden away but the farmers I asked said they had nothing. First went to 97th Greenmarket and then down to Union Square. I thought maybe at Union they might have said they could bring some more for tomorrow.

          1. re: Island Girl

            If you strike out at the farmers market try calling manhattan fruit and veg exchange (inside chelsea market) and SOS chefs (i think they have them dried, but maybe they will have fresh or frozen for you)

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Thanks --- I will give that a try tomorrow. Just trying to satisfy a craving. Years ago we used to pick our own sour cherries in the country when we lived in Toronto and the best sour cherry pie was the one I made with the cherries we had picked that day. I'd freeze the rest and I used to love eating them frozen.

              1. re: Island Girl

                SOS chefs lists them as frozen, morello cherries. I would still call to be sure before going there, and they could be $$ at SOS

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  I believe morello cherries (sometimes called balaton here) are a different type from the more typical bright red american sour cherries (unsually montmorency) . Depends on what the OP is looking for - I like both but they are different in flavor.


              2. re: Ttrockwood

                Manhattan Fruit Exchange doesn't pick up the phone readily in my experience (they want you to leave a message); you may have to go and ask someone in person if you have a question.

              3. re: Island Girl

                this is really a late june early july item in the local orchards. YOu should ask the market management if you want to know who might sell frozen cherries.

            2. The sour cherry season was especially short this year due to the late frost. The last weekend for cherries at Union Square was two or three weeks ago. If you are staying on the Upper East Side, you can get jarred sour cherries at the Pioneer Market on 92nd and Lexington. Kalystyan's carries frozen sour cherries.