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Jul 23, 2014 08:35 PM

Downtown Crossing?

Some friends from away will be staying at the Ritz. Looking for a tasty place where we can visit and enjoy the evening. That zone is off my turf....who likes what?


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  1. No. 9 Park, Teatro and Troquet all come to mind for up-scale and quality.

    1. JM Curley's steak house section (the name escapes me) would be good. Marlaive too.

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      1. re: devilham

        The steak house in JM Curley's is called Bogie's Place, and it is wonderful.

      2. Sip is an interesting option, too - it's a little less upscale but the food is good and they have a lot of wine options and the tables are spread out which allows for nice catching up.

        1. this is not far from chinatown where there are numerous options. i like the fish-in-tank places.