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Brussels, Belgium with Kids

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I received some great information on the France board, so I thought I'd try again! We will be in Brussels with our family soon, and would like some recommendations for where to eat. We are staying in an apartment near the Grand Place,

The kids are young, 4, 7, 9. They can sit in restaurants, but not for many hours. They are adventurous to a point, for Canadian kids, but certainly not up to European standards.

We are looking for casual type dining, where we can have a nice meal, mainly at lunch time. We figure by dinner, they will be too tired, and so perhaps we will just get takeaway food of some sort, or something simple (any suggestions are welcome!).

Money isn't an issue per se, but I don't want to take them to a fancy place and have it wasted on them.


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  1. Georgette (in the city center, quite near Grand Place) might fit the bill. Spectacular frites too, though note that the take-out window and the actual restaurant have different menus.