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Jul 23, 2014 07:46 PM

Great Seafood Dinner at Marblehead's Five Corners Kitchen 7/22/14

Wow. Beautiful light airy room- with- a-view, comfortable seating, welcoming professional service, impeccably fresh seafood (including Striper 'from down the street' .) We were major Happy Campers.

Each dish was a Highlight:
Sesame Miso Tuna (crudo) Timbale with Avocado Mousse
Daisy Bay P.E.I. Oysters ($1 @ at beginning and end of service)
House made Cavatelli w/ Duck Confit Carbonara
Daily Special Soft Shell Crabs w/ Thai Red Curry Sauce
Skate w/ Lemon Beurre Noir
Gelato Trio- Honey Nougat, Choc.Hazelnut, Cinnamon (out of ~ 10 flavors)
Bar- made Blueberry Mint Soda

During and after tonight's dinner, the awareness that really hit home for me- was that this chef (Barry Edelman, owner/chef, formerly of Aquitaine Boston) has the admirable ability to both prepare and present his food beautifully, but as important, he has a very fine-tuned sense of flavor compatibility and proper seasoning needs. Not once did I need salt , or pepper, or 'more ___'. What a rare treat that is.
I.e. in the hands of a less talented chef, a Pasta with Duck Confit Carbonara could hit you over the head with competing peppery rich flavors, but Edelman's treatment was toned down yet unctuous and sublime.
After lingering a bit, we drove 5 minutes to the harbor and watched the sunset and the boats coming in for the night.
Can't wait to go back!

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  1. I also had a great time there recently - we lingered over some very good cocktails at the bar, and had those $1 oysters, along with charcuterie, cheese, and shishito peppers. Great, friendly service - it seemed like just about everyone there was a regular.

    1. Sounds like an awesome menu. Excited to get over there and try it. Marblehead is worth a day trip and checking out the lighthouse, fort sewall, and the harbor during the summer months (I grew up there). They have a lot of fishing out of their harbor which could definitely provide the restaurant with some fresh fish.

      1. We're lucky enough to live a few minutes away, and have made 5CK a weekly occurrence, at least - the wonderful thing is, their seafood is so spectacular (try the salmon next time), and usually light enough, that I don't feel like a pig eating at such a high-end restaurant that regularly. It made losing Sycamore (when we moved from Newton a year ago) much less of a loss.

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          yes,I'LL say!! and NOW you have the Ocean, you lucky thing !!

        2. I've had both the soft shell crab and duck carbonara on my last two visits... Good Eating!