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Jul 23, 2014 06:17 PM

Asian-style Zucchini?

I do a fair amount of stir fry, and now that it is summer I am trying to find the perfect flavor pairing for stir fried Zucchini (since I am about to be inundated with it from the garden). I have tried an oyster sauce that I do for broccoli and asparagus, but it just doesn't seem "right", although it isn't bad.

Any Asian cooking experts out there with advice?

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  1. Grate three or four medium zucchini. Crack three or four eggs into the zucchini. Mix thoroughly, and dump all at once into a hot wok or large frying pan into which you've previously poured a tablespoon or so of oil. Stir now and then, and when the eggs have set up into large curds, kill the heat and add about a quarter cup of oyster sauce. Mix thoroughly, and dump into a serving bowl. Serve with rice. Make sure you don't overcook the mixture, or else the zucchini will release a LOT of liquid.

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      Sort of like deconstructed egg foo young? Sounds good (and simple) -- thanks for the idea!

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        Thanks, ricepad! Made this last night, and loved the flavors and the simplicity. Will definitely be in my summer rotation. Only change was to add a drizzle of toasted sesame oil in the serving bowl.

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          You're welcome. The only drawback to this recipe is that you can't grate the zucchini too much in advance, or else it'll weep out all the liquid and get all limp. Then again, it comes together in minutes, so advance prep is seldom a problem.

      2. I marinate.

        Julienne, then toss with some rice wine vinegar, diced garlic, minced ginger, white pepper, salt, sugar, then let it all sit in the fridge overnight, and garnish with a nice drizzle of sesame oil before serving.

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        1. Asian-style pickles. Korean. Chinese. Japanese. All good. All different. Yum.

          1. I like stir fried zucchini super simple- just a drizzle of sesame oil, soy sauce, scallions and sesame seeds for crunch at the end. I think zucchini has too much natural moisture to add much in the way of a sauce to it also....

            1. I recall this recipe being good. I sub'd in hoisin for the soy, and rice wine vinegar for the lemon juice. Use seasonings liberally to your taste.


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                I wonder if my husband would notice the lamb (he is not a big fan)? I might try it with another ground meat, thanks for the idea!