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Jul 23, 2014 06:07 PM

Smoke Meat Pete report

Went to smoke meat pete with friends today to see what it was all about.

Localisation: Its on Ile Perrot, far from downtown or public transport. Accessible by car.

Venue: More spacious and better looking than other smoked meat places. Predominant wood. The places doubles up as a blues bar at night I gather. Pleasing lingering smoke/BBQ smell that reminded me of south carolina smoke houses.

Service: Fast and pleasant enough. You order your meal at the counter before sitting down so its not full service but everyone was smiling and no one was pushing us out so its different than other smoked meat places (*schwartz cough cough*)

Food: We ordered a Smoke Meat Pete Special. The smoked meat had a great texture, was well prepared and well seasoned with spices, which was predominant on the meat. The meat had a firmer texture than Main's with a bit more dominant flavor but looser than Quebec Smoked Meat. It was also cut a bit thinner than Main's. I prefer Quebec Smoked Meat overall because I like a firmer product but overall my grading was Quebec Smoked Meat=>Smoke meat Pete=>Main's=>Schwartz. My two friends prefered a looser smoked meat texture so their ranking was Main's=>Smoked Meat Pete=>Quebec smoke meat=>Schwartz. We accompanied the smoked meat with Cott Cherry Coke and fries.

The fries were exceptional. Nice medium cut, great crunch, well fried with a hint of sweetness. We agreed to come back to try their smoked meat poutine eventually.

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  1. So you both think Schwartz is the worst?

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      I personally put Main's very close to Schwartz in term of product. Its just that I prefer a firmer Meat. Given that the experience at Main's is much more pleasant than at Schwartz I'm just more naturally attracted to the place.

      My friends have a different view.Mr.J was a former plateau resident and used to live near Schwartz & Co. He probably ate more smoked meat than Mr.P and me combined and has a personal beef with Schwartz's service and product. At this point I don't even think Mr.J is very objective about it.It looks a bit like being a fan of the habs vs the leafs or protestant vs catholics.

      As for Mr.P. He agreed quickly on Mr.J classification. I think he just prefers Main to Schwartz and prefers Smoke Meat Pete also to Schwartz but not as much as Main's. I don't know if he had Quebec Smoked Meat.

      1. re: CaptCrunch

        Captcrunch, you have to try the other brothers deli, Delibees on Valois Bay in Pt Claire by the airport. I enjoy Pete's but like deli eyes much more plus it's closer to my work.

        1. re: JerkPork

          I'll add it to my list! Thanks for the tip ! :D

          1. re: JerkPork

            Correct me if I'm wrong but that other brother? The owner of Main, may he rest in peace, only had one son?

            I'm glad to see that the new owners of Main kept things intact.

            Scwartz is dancing a dangerous dance with the problem to produce quality. They're going for quantity not letting the normal process do its work. It coykd hurt them in the long run.

            1. re: ZEEDAN

              From the old man's obit last year.

              "Passed away peacefully at the Royal Victoria Hospital in his eighty first year, M Peter Varvaro. He leaves behind his devoted wife Diane Bass, his daughter Jennifer Bass (Tommy Poulin), his sons Dominic (Donna), Peter (Melanie), Phillip (Annabelle) and Angelo (Paula), his sister Anna (Willard Johnston), his brother Angelo (late Mary)"

              1. re: JerkPork

                Ok! So Smoke Meat Pete and Delibees are brothers, both sons of the former Main's owner! That explains it!

                We noticed there were a few changes last time we went.

                1. re: JerkPork

                  Ohh well I guess you can't trust the story told by an employee at Main who told us he only had 1 son.

                2. re: ZEEDAN

                  SMokled meat pete and Delibees are brothers but rumors says there was a feud between them. Both very good smoked meat.

              2. re: CaptCrunch

                Ooopss...stupid autocorrect on phone from post above.

                "I enjoy Pete's but like Delibees (not deli eyes) much more plus it's closer to my work"

                Although I guess we all have "deli eyes" in here! :)

                Yes, Schwartz is losing it's touch. Maybe I'll give them one last chance in the coming weeks.

            2. Last week I went to Schwartz and once again was disappointed

              I’ve been going to Schwartz for 20 + years and have seen a steady decline of the product over the past few years.
              Ordered the large plate med fat, when the plate arrived I thought to myself WOW that’s a nice portion. Sadly I soon noticed it was a few nice strips on top of a pile of little scraps! I have never seen any other restaurant even serve the scrap bits. At $15.75 for the plate how can you serve scraps!

              I told the waiter & he just shrugged. Interestingly the waiters were complaining how quiet business was.

              I like Delibee when in that area. The only issue I have is their bread is always stale, breaks apart on the sandwich, otherwise a good bet if you’re in the area.

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              1. re: InterFoodie

                To be honest its been a while since I've tried Schwartz. Everytime I'm in the area and looking for Smoked Meat I go to Main's . Maybe I should try them again as a reminder?

              2. Ok, just went to Schwartz to refresh my memory and it still ranks lower than the rest.

                The service was actually pretty good. Not as rough as I remember (pleasant surprise!)

                Took a smoked meat sandwich, medium, a fries and cherry coke. The fries were ok, well fried but a bit to starchy to my taste (compared to, lets say, smoke meat pete). The smoked meat was a bit of a letdown, however. The meat was indeed medium fat, pretty soft and crumbly but it lacked taste, spice or smoke. The best i could say about it was that it tasted meaty-ish and wasn't dry but that doesn't make it a signature smoked meat by any mean. I expected to find a product roughly on par with Mains (and that, from there, it was a question of preference) but it was unfortunately not the case

                It made me remember the brisket from Katz in NY. Big name that offered a sandwich that tasted, ultimately, bland. Contrary to Katz however, there is a space that offers a better smoked meat

                1. Very good and specific report. Thank you!