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Second Date - tasty but not too pricey

I need a recommendation for a good second date restaurant. First date was awesome but went a little overboard trying to impress and spent a small fortune. I was thinking something in the North End or the Seaport so we can walk around after.

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  1. It would be helpful if you could give us a price range even if you don't want to identify the restaurant so we can be more in your ballpark.

    1. What's "not too pricey"? That will help narrow it down.

      1. Dinner for 2, apps and wine for $100 or less.

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          Salty Pig by BB Station, Coda on Columbus Ave., Riccardo's in the North End, Audobon outside Kenmore Sq., Church in the Fenway, Marliave downtown, maybe Tavern Rd in Ft. Point.

        2. There are several places in the North End that would work and hopefully someone with more recent experience will chime in. My husband and I enjoy Antico Forno on Salem St. for baked pasta and pizza at reasonable prices. For non-Italian in the North End, the North Street Grille is cute and very reasonably priced.

          Maybe someone will talk about the atmosphere at Legal Harborside, first floor. The prices are in your range and I'm hoping to check it out soon. The views are wonderful.

          Hope your second date is even more awesome than the first!

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            The Daily Catch. Lovely view and patio, reasonable prices, quiet enough to hear yourself talk. Legals first floor is so noisy that you'd need a bullhorn to hear each other. legal's 2nd floor is lovely but pricey.

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              Thanks for the Legal 1st floor report, teezee. Sounds like we can skip it, too.

          2. Really need to know the location of the first date, in order to give accurate guidance on second date. Don't want to shoot too low or too high, you know? Gotta find the sweet spot.

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              Although the OP may not want to identify the name incase his/her date also reads the board.

            2. It's time for the festivals in the North End. Walk around and eat at the same time.

              1. Regina's. It'll be busy but, nice to walk around after in the NE with the festivals.

                1. what about the new area in Kendall Square, there is a lovely patio at Commonwealth, with a couple other restys that share contiguous space, It abuts the river so nice to walk it afterward..

                  1. I'd recommend Silvertone in downtown crossing then walk to the north end or seaport for drinks. Silvertone is reasonably priced and the food is great and the place has a cool vibe.

                    Where was the first date for reference?

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                      Maybe I've been unlucky, but I've never had good food at Silvertone and I don't really like the vibe either. I want to like it so much!

                    2. How about Trade, Nebo or Row 34?

                      1. Depending on how much wine you drink, you definitely have some options. I, surprisingly, had a lovely meal at GEM last week that wasn't too expensive and had a nice vibe, if you sit in the dining room. M.C. Spiedo also isn't too expensive, and while the food isn't crazy, it has a fun concept. Legal Test Kitchen could be a good option too.

                        1. Take your date to the lowell folk festival on saturday. Great music on 6 stages, tons of cheap/good/interesting food choices. lots of walking/talking and people watching.. Spending excess money to "impress" to me is silly, i date people who like me for me.not for what i can buy them.

                          1. Sam's in the seaport (above Louis)

                            Beautiful view of the harbor. If its nice out you can dine outside on their deck.

                            Excellent food with a varied menu.