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Jul 23, 2014 05:28 PM

mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe

Does anyone have a good mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe?

What's the best rice and lentils for it? Any tips on how to make it more flavorful besides salt & pepper (without adding a soup mix)?

Mine usually turn out too mushy, too bland or both---even when I add caramelized onions.

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  1. I have made the following recipe:
    I remember it being succesfull. As for adding more flavor maybe fry some garlic with the onions?

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    1. re: Siegal

      Thank you. I have some black French lentils. Is it ok if I use those or do they have to be brown? What kind of rice do you use?

      1. re: nycguy20011

        I am not sure the difference between brown and french lentils. As for the rice. I use basmati. Basmati tends to elongate as opposed to get mushy

    2. I use the recipe from Jerusalem. It is not bland or mushy

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          I've used this one, it is fantastic

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            Agree, this is fantastic. I use ground spices for a quick dinner. Serve with spinach yogurt.

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              Just adding my vote to mujadara recipe from Jerusalem - I love it!

            2. I cook my rice and my lentils separately. About equal portions of each. I oven roast my onions, because I don't like to constantly stir. I use regular brown lentils and long grain rice, nothing special like basmati or anything. Then I mix the lentils and rice together and serve with a big lump of onions on top. If it's too bland, I'd recommend cooking the rice and lentil in stock - chicken stock unless you're vegetarian, then use a nice veggie stock.

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              1. re: joycebre

                Can you share how you oven roast your onions? This sounds intriguing!

              2. Here's one of several threads on the topic:

                I cook both the rice and lentils simultaneously but in separate containers that fit into the pressure cooker.

                1. I have made this a few times. The statement - "that which is simple is not easy" comes to mind everytime I make it.

                  I use Arti's Party's :-) recipe and it's very very good. Getting it just right is the hard part..


                  Good luck