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mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe

Does anyone have a good mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe?

What's the best rice and lentils for it? Any tips on how to make it more flavorful besides salt & pepper (without adding a soup mix)?

Mine usually turn out too mushy, too bland or both---even when I add caramelized onions.

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  1. I have made the following recipe: http://www.jannagur.com/108704/Mejadr...
    I remember it being succesfull. As for adding more flavor maybe fry some garlic with the onions?

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      Thank you. I have some black French lentils. Is it ok if I use those or do they have to be brown? What kind of rice do you use?

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        I am not sure the difference between brown and french lentils. As for the rice. I use basmati. Basmati tends to elongate as opposed to get mushy

    2. I use the recipe from Jerusalem. It is not bland or mushy

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          I've used this one, it is fantastic

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            Agree, this is fantastic. I use ground spices for a quick dinner. Serve with spinach yogurt.

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              Just adding my vote to mujadara recipe from Jerusalem - I love it!

            2. I cook my rice and my lentils separately. About equal portions of each. I oven roast my onions, because I don't like to constantly stir. I use regular brown lentils and long grain rice, nothing special like basmati or anything. Then I mix the lentils and rice together and serve with a big lump of onions on top. If it's too bland, I'd recommend cooking the rice and lentil in stock - chicken stock unless you're vegetarian, then use a nice veggie stock.

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                Can you share how you oven roast your onions? This sounds intriguing!

              2. Here's one of several threads on the topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7444...

                I cook both the rice and lentils simultaneously but in separate containers that fit into the pressure cooker.

                1. I have made this a few times. The statement - "that which is simple is not easy" comes to mind everytime I make it.

                  I use Arti's Party's :-) recipe and it's very very good. Getting it just right is the hard part..


                  Good luck

                  1. I've made this recipe and it was quite delicious.

                    1. The thread that greygarious has a great discussion with lots of recipes. My favorite spice mix is the one in the Jerusalem cookbook that magiesmom mentions above. You can use powdered spices instead of whole and it's still delicious. You can also skip the fried onions and just use all caramelized onions (though the fried onions are amazing).


                      In terms of general approach, cooking the lentils and rice (definitely use basmati) separately guarantees you won't end up with mush (assuming you know how to cook un-mushy lentils and rice). For the lentils, I recommend using brown or green lentils, as French lentils are smaller and easy to overcook.

                      1. Mujadara isn't a recipe, it's a technique.

                        It's all about how you brown/caramelize, crisp the onions.

                        1. My favorite (I have tried several) is the Ottolenghi one. I think the fried onions make the dish.