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Jul 23, 2014 05:24 PM

Vegan-friendly Lancaster?

Our family will be making a return trip to Lancaster next month, staying at Eden Resort. We plan to visit Dutch Wonderland, The Choo Choo Barn, Hands on House, Landis Valley, and Cherry Crest. Last time, we really enjoyed the Central Market and found many vegan items there. Anywhere else reasonably close to our itinerary to find vegan-friendly and chowish fare? Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. Rice and Noodles is a Vietnamese restaurant not far from your hotel that is very vegan friendly. Near the Choo-choo barn in Strasburg is Isaac's Deli. It is a local chain, and there are other locations throughout the county that might be convenient for you.

    Also, here is a website. I am not familiar with all the restaurants and don't know how up to date it is. Most of them, you can see, are Asian. Rice and Noodles is my favorite among those.


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      Thank you so much! Rice and Noodles looks wonderful. And I really appreciate the link. If anyone can recommend or steer us away from any other restaurants on the list, we'd be most grateful :-)

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        We ended up at rice and noodles last night. What a treat! We will definitely return before we go home. Thanks again for the excellent rec

      2. You must check out Lemon Street Market in Lancaster. We stopped in there on our way through we would have stopped at the central market but we had dogs with us we could not let in the car that long. Anyway Lemon market had losts of vegan/vegetarian items.

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          Thank you! We leave for Lancaster this afternoon, so perfect timing! We are looking forward to checking out the Lemon Street Market