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Jul 23, 2014 04:45 PM

Craft beers

HI, staying near little italy/hudson square, looking for decent craft beer and big selection? any recommendations? thanks

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  1. Within the Hudson Square area (I wasn't familiar with this name - so if anyone else is also unsure of where this is it's the square made by the West St, Canal, 6th Ave, and Houston) is 508 Gastrobrewery - a nice little restaurant with a good selection of beers brewed on premises and pretty good food.

    Slightly north of both of those neighborhoods is Blind Tiger, one of my favorite craft beer bars but it can get very crowded on weekends and event nights.

    I'll post if I come up with any others, but those are the two I could think of off the top of my head close to where you'll be staying.

    1. We are staying at the Hampton Inn, 54 Watts st NY 10013 :)

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        Fyi that's actually not near little italy.... Closer to soho and northern edge of tribeca.

      2. On the Lower East Side, Top Hops on Orchard St.

        1. Are you looking for a bar or a store?

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            Both tbh. I love usa craft especially Rogue

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              This is a pretty reliable guide from a Londoner


              I'm not exactly sure where you are staying but Blind Tiger is excellent mid afternoon before it is crowded. There are also a good number of new bottle shops where you can drink beer as well. Look for Top Hops and Good Beer.

              But as you will probably be wandering around the city keep that guide handy. It's fairly comprehensive and should help.

              Where are you coming from by the way?

          2. Mudville 9 in Tribeca has a good selection.

            Also in Tribeca, Terroir has a well-curated list. And the bar bites are solid.

            To your North, Blind Tiger Ale House is pretty legendary among quaffers - it can be an absolute madhouse in the evenings, though. Be prepared for more standing than sitting.

            Top Hops & Good Beer are great suggestions too. For shops, Malt & Mold on the LES has an interesting selection as well.