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What to do with unripe tomatoes (and skin is split)

I got several beautiful heirlooms at the farmers market for free today b/c the skin was split an a little of the flesh exposed. They are not quite ripe (but not green) and I feel like they should be usable for something even though the skin is busted. Suggestions?

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  1. treat them like green tomatoes, cracker coat and season, fry them, then mash a little (b/c they will be soft), and serve over some hot buttered rice.

    1. Slice, top with buttered bread crumbs and broil. Delish!

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        My mother did something similar - a little grated cheese (she did cheddar) topped with seasoned breadcrumbs, under the broiler. Great idea!

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          cheese would be an excellent addition!

      2. Place the tomatoes in an enclosed space with a banana and they should ripen quickly.

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          Did you miss the part about the skin already being split?

        2. Quarter and roast with a drizzle of olive oil, pepper and some chopped garlic then slather on toasted crostini. A grating of cheese, optional

            1. You could make them into refrigerator pickles. I like pickling green tomatoes because they stay crisp. Simmer up a solution of about half and half water and white vinegar, chop up a little white onions, smash a few garlic cloves, and then pour the hot vinegar over your packed green tomatoes and/or cukes along with the other veggies. In each jar, put about a tsp of dill seed plus pickling spice, and you should add pickling salt to the brine mixture, maybe a tsp. or so.

              These will keep in the fridge for a good three months, so you can enjoy pickles until the end of October! Good luck!