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Jul 23, 2014 04:23 PM

New york city Thanksgiving dinner

Hi, im spending thanksgiving in new york. Im from the UK and have never experienced thanksgiving in America so need to find a nice restaurant/dinner for a good thanksgiving dinner. We are staying hudson sq-little italy part of town- Thanks :)

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  1. Little Italy and Hudson Square are not really near one another or adjacent. Where are you actually staying? Hotel name or intersection?

    Most restaurants won't announce their Thanksgiving menus until late October. They will start booking around that time.

    Most places do a prix fixe menu that's more expensive than their normal menu.

    What's your budget per person before tax, tip, alcohol? $50pp? $75pp? $100pp?

    1. Artisanal is my pick for Thanksgiving dinner.

      1. We are staying at the Hampton Inn, 54 Watts st NY 10013 :)