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Jul 23, 2014 03:36 PM

Where To Buy Quark?? Kwark?

Hi Chowhounders!

I wonder if anyone knows where can I buy this or another brand of Franse Kwark..
Not very familiar with it so not sure if it has to be "French" Quark... not sure if all Quarks are the same...

I bought this on my recent trip to Aruba... it was soo delish! Like a smooth, not chalky Greek Yogurt without the tartness, and lowfat/High protein!

I live in Downey, CA (Near Long Beach) that area, but willing to travel for it.

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  1. given that aruba is dutch. i'd do a search for dutch supermarkets/restaurants in the area though i don't recall there being any in the southland.

    EDIT: i was mistaken; a dutch friend informed me that there was a holland american market in bellflower that apparently closed recently. maybe an indonesian market?

    1. Sounds like labne. Might be the same thing with a different name. Labne should be similar enough to at least be a substitute. Find it at any middle eastern market and probably higher end grocers too.

      1. Hello Yes -

        Alpine Village in Torrance sells German Quark.

        1. I don't know what the Franse means, but if that's the same as plain Quark you can get it at Whole Foods in Pasadena. Might wanna try your local Whole Foods. They had a few other flavors like lemon and strawberry also.

          1. You might try Israeli grocers. Quark is a popular product in Israel, where it is called "white cheese". Interestingly, it was introduced to what was then Turkish Palestine by Christian fundamentalist Germans who called themselves Templars. You can still see their beautiful old stone houses in Jerusalem and other parts of the country. They were expelled by the British during WWII, but their quark-making tradition lived on.

            By the way, it is not at all like labneh, which is very tart. White cheese has a texture like sour cream and a mildly sweet flavor. In Israel it is sold in individual plastic containers like yogurt.

            Don't know if there are any Israeli grocers in Downey, but they have in the SFV and possibly elsewhere.

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              Thank you all sooooo much!! I will look into all the places mentioned!i didn't realize I had responses... Usually CHOWHOUND emails me but I haven't received any, my apologies for the delayed response :)

              Marc, thank you so much for the story of the white cheese.... Will look for a place that sells white cheese

              Thanks again!!
              Happy Sunday!

              1. re: yesilovestotravel

                Just happens I saw quark today by an artisan cheese seller at the Hollywood Farmer's market. I'm afraid I don't remember the name, but your local farmer's market might be a good place to start.

                A final note on the Templars. Until fairly recently, there were only two kinds of cheese widely available in Israel - the aforementioned white cheese, and a second called "yellow cheese" which is derived from German muenster. So the templars had a pronounced impact on the Israeli cheese-making industry.

                1. re: MarkC

                  Thanks a million Marc!! I'll make a run for it next Sunday to the Hollywood farmers market... Is there only1? Do u happen to has an address or website to the farmers market?

                  1. re: yesilovestotravel

                    It runs along Ivar street between Hollywood and Sunset Blvds, but I bet you can find one closer to where you live. If you google farmer's market in los angeles or orange county, you'll find the website. Usually the sellers travel among different farmer's markets, which are held on different days of the week.