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Jul 23, 2014 02:14 PM

turning out Tarte Tatin

Planning to make a tarte tatin for an office lunch event. I'll have to bake it the night before. So should I leave it in the pan overnight - would the caramel stick to the pan? or turn it out the night before - would the pastry (shortcrust) get soggy?

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  1. I would turn it out on a wire rack and cool then turn back into pan. To be safe, you could use a circle of parchment below the apples.

    1. Hi, Teep:

      If you want it to turn out in one piece, IME you have to turn it out within 10-15 minutes of it coming off the heat. Otherwise you might just as well hand out plastic spoons and everyone can belly up to the trough.

      You could TRY turning out, then *back* into an identical pan lined with nonstick parchment, taking the crust separately to your event, and then *carefully* peeling back the sheet after the tart's safely perched on the crust.

      Unfortunately, without such heroics, TT isn't a night-before prep if you expect flakey-crisp crust.


      PS: It will make everything easier if you keep after the tart *while* it's cooking, clocking it as a unit within the pan, to make sure only the caramel is in contact with the pan. You can do this by hand if you're brave and dexterous, but a cover or dinner plate might save you a sugar burn.

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        Thanks to you both, I'll risk the out and in method.

      2. If you keep it in the pan, you'll need to warm it up to get it out of the pan without it becoming a disaster.

        1. I would make a traditional apple tart instead. It will also taste wonderful and be much less of a headache than trying (and likely not succeeding) to have an attractive presentation as kaleokahu described. Sorry to advise your odds of that working well are very slim.

          This is the voice of experience.

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          1. re: ChefJune

            I want to make TT because of the caramelized sugar flavour. And not worried too much about presentation since it will be divided into small servings. How did it not work for you in the past?

            1. re: Teep

              So make an apple tart and take some caramel sauce separately, warming it a la minute, then drizzle on the plated slices.

                1. re: chowser

                  This looks great! I'll try it instead. Thanks to everyone!

                  1. re: Teep

                    And it was a hit! and easy to transport and divvy up, great reco!