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Jul 23, 2014 01:50 PM

What's you ICE choice for your cooler

It's the time of the year. Hot weather, cooler for transports. Vacations, long drives. Cooler for the food, etc.

Any of ya'll using the Marine *gel packs* that hunters, fisherman use.

I'm more of a freeze water in bottle / ice bag sort of guy.

I did try those fancy Marine ice packs. Returned them...$160 in fancy ice packs go a LONG way in bagged ice. Then again, there is a difference in a dry cold cooler versus a wet ice cubed cooler...

I don't like any of the blue ice packs on the market. They swell when frozen, and it bulges the plastic. The last thing I want to do is clean up the freezer when one of those decide to POP after having the plastic stretched one too many times

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  1. Frozen bottles all the way - drink, pour on your head, take home empty, reuse. Also flavored waters instead of plain, and juice boxes for the kiddies can be frozen. If your freezer is not too full, keep a jug of frozen water in it, to buy time in case of power outages.

    1. We took a long vacation to the Rocky Mountains a few years ago and Mrs. mikie pre-cooked many of the meals and froze them. She was concerned they would thaw on the way to the house we rented, so I bought some dry ice. 2 day trip and frozen solid as a rock when we arrived. For less demanding times, a qt. bottle of well frozen water lasts a long time and you can drink it as it thaws and you don't need it to keep contents cool any longer.

      1. I pack a cooler every weekend to go to the woods. I love this product -

        depending on what I need to keep cold, I use one on the bottom and one on the top (if needed) They are surprisingly durable, I have sheets that are several years old that are just now starting to wear out (the plastic cover is wearing away.)

        1. Frozen bottles and also gallon sized freezer zip locks frozen so they are fairly flat. They can be reused and the shape is a nice complement to the cylindrical bottles.