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Jul 23, 2014 12:11 PM

Need a good "welcome to DC lunch" between The Jefferson and Holocaust Museum

Coming to DC for first time over Labor Day weekend. Have about all meals planned but a few.
One I am missing is the first lunch. We are staying at Jefferson and will be going to Holocaust Museum after lunch. So thought would just walk there and go eat somewhere along way.

Places I looked at (but will go anywhere): Joes Seafood, Old Ebbitt Grill and Cafe du Parc.

We like fun/lively bar area, character/historic over real contemporary, $ doesnt really matter, and want to order off menu (no tasting/prix fixe)

Places already planned: Le Diplomate dinner, Jaleo lunch, Rashika dinner, Zaytinya lunch.

So need this lunch and another dinner if anyone has any ideas.


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  1. Old Ebbitts is a great place for their raw bar and is certainly a historic restaurant for DC. The rest of the food is ok, not special, but not awful. I haven't been to the other two. Central isn't too far of course. Ceiba is good too.

    1. That's a pretty good haul of a walk during what's usually sweltering DC weather!

      Also not a lot of good choices midway -- the area around the mall is not rife with good restaurants. I wouldn't go for Joe's or for Old Ebbitt. Cafe du Parc is a nice spot for atmosphere/history and decent food.

      I would walk the couple blocks over to Farragut Square, eat there, then hop on the metro for a quick ride to the Smithsonian station. Good restaurants near Farragut metro include Equinox, Bombay Club (owned by same group as Rasika, so might be too similar -- or a good opportunity to free up a dinner for something else), Kellari Taverna.

      I assume you're looking for lunch on a weekday -- Saturday is pretty slim pickings, but some places might have brunch. There are usually a few of the "fun" food trucks parked at Farragut Square on weekdays as well.

      1. That is a real hike. You'll want a taxi.

        I like old ebbitt grill just fine. Choose from whatever specials are on offer.