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Jul 23, 2014 12:10 PM

Iowa City IA Fine Dining?

I live somewhat near Iowa City, but have not gotten there in the last couple years for fine dining. I'll be there in a week or two. What's good? Anyplace new that's outstanding? I remember liking 126 and Orchard Green, but not being particularly impressed with the Motley Cow.

Alternately, what are some good moderate cost places? (I'm not sure right now if I'm going to be able to convince my traveling companion to go get expensive food)

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  1. For a muderately price meal, Hearth above 126 is pretty consistent and can be very tasty.

    1. There really isn't a fine dining place I'm in love with any more. Orchard Green is always good, but a little 'old school', Devotay is nice small plates - but to eat the equivalent of a normal meal is fairly pricey (usually 40 or 50 before drinks). I've heard more good than bad about Baroncinnis, but never been.

      For moderately priced I like the Bluebird. They label as a diner, but the dinners are great. The specials are often really interesting, the steak frites is great (and nice value) and everything else has been pretty awesome. It's a casual environment with not so casual food and they have nice drinks to go along with it.