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Jul 23, 2014 12:04 PM

NBC's Food Fighters?

Anybody watch this last night?

I was expecting something different - a bunch of professional chefs vs. a bunch of home cooks. Thought there would be some kind of weekly elimination thing and then end up with a champion at the end.

From what I saw, I couldn't tell if the home cook ever returns. I have to admit that it didn't exactly grab and hold my attention too well (to say the least), so I could easily have missed something!

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  1. I saw it. They could have just had the professional chefs throw money at the home cook for an hour while she tried to catch it all in a colander.

    It's great that everyone's getting a monster paycheck for so little work. But from a viewer's standpoint, whether you're a fan of the cooking or a fan of the chefs' personalities (or even Richman) there's so much crammed into the hour that we end up getting nothing for our time.

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    1. Enough already! By the way, thanks for this subject because I wanted to post something but forgot the title. Is there not an original thought in Hollywood anymore? How much more can they beat this genre into the ground?

      It all started with Food Network taking food and chef centric shows off and replacing them with "reality" or contests. The Iron Chef was great, but it obviously has run its course, Gordon Ramsey has what, like 3 different versions of "amateur" chefs, you had the Bourdain/Ludo disaster, I think Bobby Flay has about 3 versions of these types of shows and Food Network is not allowed to have a show without Guy Fieri. Then there is the best one of the bunch in Top Chef

      Personally I think it is now time for the chefs to face off against other people in things outside the kitchen. I am sure this is not far from the pitch table to network execs.

      1. I'm watching it on line now. So far, it is pretty much horrid. I'll watch it at least until Marcel comes on. That's it. Won't watch it again.

        1. I also didn't think the home chef was very gracious on rounds where she lost compared to the graciousness of the professional chefs. Kind of a cry baby.

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          1. re: Firegoat

            Interesting. I thought the later three chefs were verging on jerkish, although understandably--they have to build up their own reputation to an NBC audience that has no clue who they are, so that there is some tension. The home chef (and I say that but she has a blog and stuff) has nothing for her bona fides but her family, tradition, all that.

            Also I think she only lost one round, the one tied up with her grandma. Chicken soup or something? I wouldn't judge her too harshly.

            1. re: ennuisans

              I don't think there is any way she really "won" over Lorena with her burnt black salmon. I also don't know why any professional chef would go on this show and risk being judged by who knows who against a random home cook.

            2. re: Firegoat

              Even Marcel was gracious when he beat her - a little maturity, finally?

            3. I tried to watch for about 15 minutes. It was far too over-produced and stage-y. Also looked like they were repurposing the Deal or No Deal set. It was not a show about cooking, IMHO.