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Jul 23, 2014 12:01 PM

Wedding Rehersal Dinner in Vegas - Any GOOD BBQ Buffets/Restos?

My daughter is getting married next May (2015) in Vegas. My future son in law loves BBQ and I wanted to host a rehearsal dinner at a BBQ restaurant that serves GOOD BBQ. I would prefer a buffet place but will settle on a non buffet restaurant as long as the food and atmosphere is good and they can take our crowd of about 15 people.

We're (daughter & I) from North Carolina, we know BBQ, so I'd like for it to be real BBQ...smoked meats, not just grilled. I've browsed the current threads on the Vegas section and just wanted to know if there have been any current updates that others know about? Thanks to all!

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  1. The best BBQ in town is Rollin' Smoke. It's not a fancy or classy place, so not sure it'd be a very good place or a rehearsal dinner. They have an alll-you-can-eat option for $25, where you can order whatever you want off the menu. I'm sure they could work out something for you.

    Their pork ribs are great, although I prefer their amazing beef ribs. The sides are mostly good (avoid the mac and cheese). They make a normal sauce as well as a spicy sauce in-house. They have smoked meatloaf, this ridiculous Outlaw Burger, and even some fried shrimp and catfish. The owners and operators have authentic southern charm.

    It's not the best atmosphere for this sort of thing, but the food will be better than any other BBQ place.

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      Okay, my mouth is watering right now! We're not looking for really fancy, I'm looking for decent digs and tasty food. We just want to be able to relax and have a good time before the big day; thank you so much for this. I'm going to look into it!

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        I think it will be a good choice then. It's near the Fashion Show Mall, although you do need to cross train tracks. There are also a couple strip clubs somewhat nearby, but you won't really see them unless you drive the wrong way.

        They have a large alcove off the main dining area which I've seen set up as one big long table for 20-30 people. In any case, I'm sure they'd accommodate. I usually find I can't eat enough BBQ to make the $25 worth it, but if you're going as a big party, might as well just pay the buffet price so you know the exact bill and so everyone will be free to order as much as they want. Drinks are included and offered as a self-serve fountain drinks as well as sweet tea.

        The only thing I dislike about Rollin' Smoke is their brisket. It comes chopped. So if you decide to pack your plate full of pulled pork and brisket, you end up with two mushy meats.

        1. re: ah6tyfour

          You can request the brisket be sliced instead of chopped.

          1. re: Steve Green

            You just blew my mind. I don't know why I never thought to ask. I guess I just assumed everything is pre-prepared with barbecue and so the brisket was completely chopped in the morning.

            This changes everything. My next three-meat combo will be pork ribs, unchopped brisket, and pulled pork or a link. Thanks!

          2. re: ah6tyfour

            Good to know about the sweet tea; daughter now lives in Phoenix and she misses the sweet tea from back home. There's a BBQ place in Phx she goes to and loves the tea, which I think is because they serve it a mason jar like back home (lol). Good to know about that room as well; I just emailed them and hopefully they'll respond.

            Don't think the strip joints will present too much of a's Vegas after all..

        2. re: ah6tyfour

          +1 for Rollin Smoke. Its really not even close. I spent a week in Texas sampling some of the 'best' from Black's and Snows to Pecan Lodge and Franklin and would put Rollin' Smoke's Beef Ribs on par with any of them. The AYCE is a ridiculous bargain if you come with an appetite.

          1. re: uhockey

            uhockey: Did you try the brisket at the places you mentioned? Just asking because that's my benchmark for BBQ (and is, I believe, the general standard of comparison for Texas 'Q).

            1. re: Steve Green

              All of them. The version at Rollin' Smoke is fine, but not on par with any except perhaps Black's amongst the group listed. They excel with the pulled pork and beef rib, for sure.

              1. re: uhockey

                Have you ever had the beef rib at Daisy May's in NYC? It's pretty insane. Smoke, salt, sweet, pillowy gelatinous tender goodness.

                1. re: LVI

                  Nope. Never even heard of Daisy May's, honestly.

                  1. re: uhockey

                    Well it certainly does not qualify as a destination meal but if you are in NYC and are in the mood for Q, I'd put it on your list. Especially for that rib.

        3. Consider fogo de chao for something different if you don't have one by you.

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          1. Cheryl, congratulations first off! Take my words with a grain of salt as I am born and bred Yankee (although I have been going to Ocracoke Island for 17 years and have a love affair with real NC pulled pork) I have never been to Rollin Smoke ( by all accounts/reviews it's fairly legit) but the location is less than ideal. One option you may want to consider is having then cater and renting a small room at one of the hotels to host it in. Just a thought as after the dinner is done the last thing you all will want to do is battle getting back to your hotels.

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            1. re: LVI

              Several +1's for that one. It will be most easy to arrange by Rollin Smoke (albeit Texarkana, instead of North Carolina, in style), and you can set up your own in-suite cocktail bar and much better enjoy the moment. Because they keep late hours on weekends (until 1:30; sometimes later), that particular crowd can be a bit of a distraction, even if you are off to the side.

              And may I whole-heartedly add that you are obviously a brilliant mother - having raised a daughter that is willing to eat BBQ the night before putting on her wedding dress brings a special smile. Kudos.

              1. re: LVI

                That's a great idea! It won't be as hot and fresh from the kitchen and your choices would be a bit more limited than being able to just let everyone at the table order to their hearts' content, but it would probably be the better idea. You would have to predict which things people want and stick to just 3-4 meats and a few sides instead of just randomly ordering smoked meatloaf and burgers and another round of hush puppies. I hear very positive things about their catering/delivery service.

                Here's a picture of the quality of the pork ribs from another forum:

                Maybe you could go all out and get TWO of the "Big Man" party pack. You'd end up with 4 slabs of ribs, 4 chickens, 4 pounds of meat of your choice (maybe split it into 2 pounds of brisket and 2 pounds of links), 8 pints of sides, 4 pints of sauce (maybe get 3 normal and 1 spicy), and 40 buns. And then maybe add on 2 slabs of beef ribs. Wow, that's a TON of food. Can I come?

                There's also a 10% off coupon on their website. I don't know if it'll apply to party packs, but it'd save you a good $30.

                1. re: ah6tyfour

                  Still waiting to hear back from Rollin' Smoke but I will inquire about your suggestions. Thanks again

                2. re: LVI

                  I'm a native New Yorker; my parents were born & raised in NC and I live here now. I've loved bbq since I was a child and could eat it everyday if it wouldn't clog my arteries (lol). That aside, I'll check on getting a conference room at the hotel my children (daughter & son in law)are staying in, although I won't know that until September, I think. Thank you for the congrats and for your ideas!