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Jul 23, 2014 11:15 AM

Lobster Rolls near OOB

I will be in Old Orchard for a week next month. I see from most posts here it is a culinary wasteland. Most of our meals will be cooked at the house we are renting anyway, but I want to slip away a time or two (or three) for a lobster roll. I have seen that Braley's Lobster Pound gets pretty good reviews and isn't too far.

So, given that I understand most things around OBB are not good, where will I find at least a good representation of a lobster roll in the area (OBB, Ocean Park, Saco, etc)

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  1. Huots, Wormwood's, Bayley's, Ken's, The Clambake....try them all, they're only a few minutes drive from OOB. And a drive to Two Lights Park for the Lobster Shack or the Lobster Roll truck that parks nearby, will take you about 40 minutes. (Be sure to stop at Scratch Baking Co, too!)

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      Or 158 Pickett Street for bagels if you do go to SoPo!

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        Thanks. I appreciate it.

        FYI: It appears that Wormwoods has closed.