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Jul 23, 2014 08:36 AM

Panko Crusted Crab Cakes

I am kind of a novice when it comes to making crab cakes so I wanted opinions on coating crab cakes with panko...Yea or Nay? Which is better?

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  1. Why not? They'll come out golden brown & crusty on the outside if done right

    1. You will get a lot of different opinions on how to make crab cakes, including to coat or not. If you are going to coat, I think panko is a good choice.

      1. yea.

        best I ever had were at a now long closed restaurant who used panko plated with a spoonful of creme fraiche and a small dollop of fish roe on top for an extra perceived crunch with a few chive sprouts served in a puddle of tomato/red pepper coulis.

        1. Craving me some Crab Cakes tonight. .

          I've got a bunch of lump crab, panko bread crumbs, I need the shallots?
          Haven't made these in awhile..what to serve with them?
          Thinking a spring mix salad.
          Lemon caper aioli sauce drizzled sounds good..have some Meyer lemons.
          Have a great bottle of Vouvray that would be a nice accoutrement.


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            Honestly, what you just described sounds perfect. I like crab cakes with as little filler as possible, pan-sauteed until crispy. A salad, lemon-caper aioli and a bottle of white and I'd be in heaven.

          2. For me, it's a toss-up... panko or seasoned bread crumbs. No noticeable flavor difference... maybe panko give crunchier recults, since it's coarser??

            What's more important to me is that it's mostly CRAB with little CAKE. I like a little FINELY chopped onion and bell pepper (any color tho prefer other than green), a beaten egg, some seafood seasoning (Old Bay), a few shakes of Worcestershire & hot sauce, and a few TBSP of crumbs. I like to beat the egg first so I don't have to work it too much... like mine as lumpy as possible. Tho baking/broiling is fine, I cook like my grandmother always did... in cast iron skilled with bacon fat.